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  1. LOl, while I was looking for the link I set above I found an update of Lifehacker's installation: Lifehacker 10.6.2+ Update UD3P v3 | Stell's Blog With this one TM started working. Let's see whether 10.6.8. will still result in inability to log into the app store....after TM will have finished. Anyway any further idea were warmly welcomed Ed
  2. Hello all recentlyI ended up in the "cannot log into app-store" of 10.6.8. I decided to back to 10.6.7. by a fresh installation. I used a time machine backup to bring back my previous user data. Now, time machine does not work. It starts and stops a second later w/o any backup. I googled a little bit and it appears that something's wrong with the UUID. For fixing it I need to amend the PlatformUUID.kext which should be in the Extra folder - I don't have that file?? My Hack bases on the guide from Lifehacker Install Snow Leopard on Your Hackintosh PC, No Hacking Required Can anyone help me getting time machine working again Also how may I avoid the "cannot log into app-store" issue? Any help for a real newbie were extremely appreciated - Thank you! Ed
  3. Thanks Rene So the bottom line is that I have to do a fresh install with kakewalk?
  4. Hi folks Ages ago I installed my hackintosh using this method "http://lifehacker.com/5360150/install-snow-leopard-on-your-hackintosh-pc-no-hacking-required" since my specs (EP-45-DS3L, GF9800GTX+) were (and still are) almost identical to the one required. My hackintosh is running pretty nicely - I have actually nothing to complain about. Now I heard about Kakewalk and I thought maybe it could offer my some flexibility as regards my specs. But before I wanted to see if this new method suits me. So thought I could use Kakewalk for letting boot my existing installation. But it seems like Kakewalk is expecting a fresh usb drive with the SL installation file - which I have but actually I didn't want to install SL from the scratch. Or am I completely wrong in my understanding? Thanks for any ideas Ed
  5. I am 100% sure either. Sometimes LogicBulb replies in the german section and the kind of mistakes happening are absolutely the same I've seen from Wilhelm. Moreover, Wilhelm leaves the stage exactly in that moment LogicBulb is entering it...what a coincidence. Cheers, Ed
  6. Hi there, for those of you who cannot access the efi-x-forum, please have a look at one of LL's post: Warranty registration for new devices Dear EFiX users and friends, Please do not forget to register your EFiX device for warranty within of 1 month after the date of purchase on the official EFiX website or by your Vendor, otherwise no support will be granted. Can they force you to do that? And what about this one from ASEM's "warranty guide": THIS LIMITED WARRANTY, [...], APPLY ONLY TO YOU AS THE ORIGINAL PURCHASER OF THE PRODUCT OR COMPUTER SYSTEM THAT INCLUDES THE PRODUCT AND LASTS ONLY FOR AS LONG AS YOU CONTINUE TO OWN THE PRODUCT. WARRANTY COVERAGE TERMINATES IF THE ORIGINAL SYSTEM CUSTOMER SELLS OR OTHERWISE TRANSFERS THE COMPUTER SYSTEM WHICH INCLUDES THE PRODUCT. What about selling the (anyway useless) device on ebay? What about the poor guy who purchases the device from me? *Wondering*
  7. Hiya, at under SL the EP45-DS3 (Bios F7) seems to behave like the UD3P, including all pros and cons... As a Hack-noob I really liked the way suggested at lifehacker ("SL - no hacking required"). My config -fortunately- is pretty close to the one used there and I 've been able to install SL right away. Anyway, elmangomez advice can't get highlighted enough: "Good luck.... and try to have fun.... patience, perseverance, and read very, very carefully." Ed
  8. It works fine right now, to be honest I am not completely sure what I had changed. But the drive setting sounds more plausible than my former idea. And yes, I also have four drives, SL, Vista (+NTFS data partition), time machine and one for data exchange/storage in FAT32. I noticed that the order in which they appear in Chameleon depends on the order in which they are in the boot priority list and even not on the order of SATA plugs of the MoBo. And maybe I got it working just by changing the boot priority list, because I remember I had to change the list in order to boot Vista natively (in order to save my data). Thx Ed
  9. Upps - I should look more often at my sig *Updated*
  10. Hi tcg, absolutely same here, just the one green plug at the back works. Interestingly the mic-plug next to it also does not work. At least it does not switch back each reboot. So far I bypassed the issue via my old usb-headset. Cheers Ed. P.S. Oh - I don't have the -UD3R, I have the -DS3. But it's the same audio-chip.
  11. @Steve Mine looks exactely like yours - what do I have to do to get it working? Remove and then re-install? Or does you edit - "too late"- indicate that it won't work that way...? Who's actually that interested in the the temp of the hdd? The first thing I would think of monitoring were the cpu-temp.. Thx Ed
  12. Ok - I found the problem: It's my internal FAT32 drive. As soon as it is plugged in, the usb stick does not boot. Plugged off and it boots. That's as fact as it is weird, because I have rebooted OSX with it a couple of times yesterday. The only thing I did with it yesterday I copied data on it. Right now, I am copying everything under Vista and will reformat and rename the drive. Let's see whether that helps... Ed
  13. Thx elmangomez, but that's just the point - I haven't set a default OS: a) If I press one the arrows, the timer will freeze and also the system. If I do not press anything I get the Mach kernel message. My installation stick works in so far, as I can install SL (by not pressing anything), tried it on an external hd, but when it comes to the reboot I am stuck between new installtion () or freeze (a)). It can't have anything to do with my regular SL system, as the hd of it was plugged off during installation to the external hd. It must be something in the BIOS that allows installation by a stick having Chameleon + the image of SL on it, but does not allow selecting of devices. Iam absolutely confused, as it had worked to brilliant the last couple of days and especially as I can't think of the error... HELP, Ed
  14. Hiya, out of the sudden my Boot-stick does not work anymore. If I don't do anything, I am getting the message "Can't find Mach-Kernel". If I do press a cursor button the loader just freezes. As this just my boot-stick I removed it and tried to use the one (#second) I had used for installing SL, the automatic guide (http://lifehacker.com/5360150/instal...cking-required). This stick tries to install SL, as it also contains the image for installation. However, if I press cursor to choose a different drive, I get a freeze. So I booted my external drive having my old efix-image with efix and used the installer for the stick from the above guide to install Chameleon to a third stick..."Can't find Mach-Kernel". I have no clue on what's going on, I haven't done anything to the BIOS. One thing I did yesterday was using terminal in order to hide my first usb-stick. However and no matter of what I might have done wrong, the second and the third weren't plugged at that moment. Moreover, these two are freezing even before I might decide to choose a disc to boot. Has anyone here an idea what is going on here? Thx Ed ******Edit****** Just to make it clear: I am not complaining not being able to boot OSX, I am wondering about not being able to get to the harddrive selection window...?
  15. Well, after some playing around I found a "solution" which did it for me: the sound device does not jump back after reboot: I went to Library>Preferences, there is a folder Audio and in it two files, SystemSettings was the one I was looking for. I saved a copy of the folder and tried to edit something in the file, which I couldn't because of right managment. So I removed the rights of the folder audio, did a reboot and noticed since then that the date of the file changed with the changes in the system control...and since then the last selection in system control is the current after reboot. Maybe this helps? Ed
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