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  1. 2-minute fix. Thanks! Although, sleep still isn't working on my system for some reason :confused: Didn't work before 10.6.2 and doesn't after 10.6.2.
  2. No matter what, every time I try and boot up I'm getting a kernel panic during startup. Is there a way to restore to a previous version via a time machine backup? I have a MacBook Pro I can use if need be.
  3. I successfully installed Snow Leopard on one hard drive using BootThink 2.3 and I'm very happy with it thus far. I have Vista 64-bit on another hard drive and I'd like to be able to boot to it via BootThank as well. When the BootThink bootloader comes up, it shows a Mac HD and a Windows HD. Selecting the Mac HD boots SL just fine. Selecting the Windows HD causes the computer to hang and it never does anything. If I enter the boot menu during POST and select the Windows HD, Windows will work just fine. Is it possible to boot Windows from BootThink 2.3? If so, how??
  4. Follow-up question... How can I use BootThink 2.3 to boot Vista? My Vista drive shows up in the bootloader screen, but when I select it the computer just hangs. If I bypass the BootThink USB drive, I can boot directly to the Vista drive without a hitch.
  5. Yep, the BIOS is the latest available. Downloaded it from Gigabyte's website before attempting the SL install. I believe the latest version is F8C or something like that. It's a beta version if memory serves me correctly. I made sure that Wake for Ethernet network access is not checked in System Preferences but the computer will not go to sleep on its own. If I manually put it to sleep, it's fine.
  6. Edited the About This Mac info successfully with TextWrangler. I assume I can use TextWrangler to edit the RAM info since it is also reporting incorrectly?? The quantity (8GB) is correct, but the speed is only showing as 800MHz, when it's actually much higher, per my BIOS settings. The problem I'm having with sleep is that the computer will not put itself to sleep. I have it set to sleep after 1 hour of inactivity and yet it never sleeps.
  7. So it looks like that program manually corrected the processor info, but it appears to be forced since it's showing the stock MHz of the processor and not what mine is actually at since it's overclocked. Also, the RAM is still only showing up as 800MHz when it's actually much higher than that. These aren't really that big of a deal to me, I was just curious why it shows incorrect info and how to correct it, if possible. I assume that what I'm seeing in my BIOS settings is the actual speed of the processor and the RAM? Something else I've noticed, sleep does not work.
  8. Well, I'm typing this response via my BootThink 2.3 Snow Leopard hackintosh! Everything went off without a single hitch and the boot times for BootThink are way better and smoother than EFi-X! I didn't even encounter the problem that you mentioned above with the dock. I do have a follow-up question, however. In "About This Mac", my processor doesn't show up at the correct speed and neither does my RAM, or the BUS speed for that matter. Any advice for those? Other than that, happier than a pig in s**t!!
  9. Fantastic and thank you, thank you, thank you!! I must be crazy because I can't wait to get home from vacation and try this out
  10. Got a link I can reference for booting with the ISO you referenced? I'm not really sure how I would go about using the boot CD to upgrade Leopard to Snow Leopard. Wow, I swear I'm not a total noob with this kind of stuff but I am very new to the whole hackintosh scene.
  11. Ok, that sounds great. Can't wait to get home from vaca and try it out! Two additional questions I have. One, I noticed that com.apple.Boot.plist had nothing between the <string></string> tags at the end of the coding. Is this normal? Two, I already have 10.5.8 running under my semi-functioning EFi-X but ideally want to run 10.6, which I have the retail DVD for. How would I go about installing SL or would I just run the update like I did on my MacBook? Thank you again for all the help and I hope this works!
  12. Ok, I got bootthink to load to my USB stick without a problem. I took your boot files, leo files and sl kext files and did the following: boot files -> Darwin folder root leo -> Darwin/System/Library/Extensions sl kext -> Darwin/System/LibrarySL/Extensions Is this correct?? This process is pointing out to me again that I am not as familiar with this stuff as I thought I was and your help is VERY much appreciated!!
  13. Ok, I am obviously computer-challenged at this point. I can't even get Chameleon to install in my USB stick. The install fails every time. I have no experience with Bootthink. Any advice?
  14. I'm running an older BIOS, f5 if I remember correctly. Haven't experienced any problems with it so I never bothered updating it, but I can easily update to the latest, that's not a problem. I am on vacation right now but when I return home next weekend I will be sure to give your files a go. Prior to posting yesterday, I searched all over the forums for someone that has a X48-DS5/9800 GTX+ combo and couldn't find anyone. For some reason I never came across any of your posts...doh!
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