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  1. Apple Seeds First Mac OS X 10.6.8 Build to Developers - MacRumors.com
  2. There is no support for either of those. I believe some work is being done on the ATI mobility, but nothing useable at the moment. As far as Intel GMA......they can make the native resolution of your screen work, but no QE/CI. Read the following thread....... InsanelyMac Forum > Intel GMA4500 / GL 4x Express Chipset
  3. My config is close to what you are running, so here is my two cents worth. You need to decide how you want to run the system. I would suspect that a lot of your noise issues are coming from the Raptor drives, at least that was my past experience using these. Smaller form factor and quiet versus overclocked (and usually noisier) are two different ends of the spectrum - again you need to make a decision as to which way to go. I tried to overclock my system and I never had any luck, everything was always very unstable and I finally gave up and settled on leaving everything at stock. For me, my hardware is very solid and has provided me with a very nice functioning system for the last couple of years without a single glitch. I have done every update since the original Snow Leopard install and everything has always worked. Personally I would sell the Raptor drives and start over with a new DSDT, there are way more tools available now than a couple of years ago. You could also try iB{censored}/MB{censored} from the {censored} site. I have no experience with these newer tools as I am running an original DSDT from Asere.
  4. @stehor Clearly you have an issue with these other distro's and I would therefore suggest that you air your grievances on said sites. If you have constructive comments to add to @gleduc and his installation then please feel free to present them here, but there is no need for your negative diatribe at him.
  5. Well said Skipper. Not to mention the failure of the product itself (in many cases), lack of support (in fact totally rude people), update failures that would "break" an installation etc etc etc etc............ Yes Faustus, you ARE missing something.
  6. @gleduc, Thank you for posting your experience, well done. I look forward to reading your guide.
  7. Maybe try posting your system specs. and you might get a response. From what I see at the Acer site the 7730G came with any of the following WiFi hardware: Atheros, Broadcom, Foxconn, Intel, QMI, Ralink
  8. There isn't one available at this point. You will have to use an alternative like a USB wifi adapter or PCI Expresscard if your rig supports it. There is a group here working on a driver: iwidarwin - Project Hosting on Google Code But it looks like it is very much developmental at this point.
  9. Everything good here..........
  10. Start here................ Snow Leopard on Acer 5738G - InsanelyMac Forum
  11. Well, I do not have any specific things to say about this install, but here is a thread from the InsanelyMac site that you might want to get involved with. InsanelyMac Forum > Dell Inspiron 14R E596 (N4010) with Intel HD graphics Hope it helps....
  12. Well, here is my 2 cents worth. If I was going to be coding for Mac then I would want the most compatible ?rig? available and I would spring for the real thing. If you have read enough sites about Hackintoshes you will discern quite quickly that trying to hack a laptop is not necessarily the easiest thing and there is definitely no guarantee. Especially if you consider that Apple could really ?snuff us all out? with one update. As far as Sandy Bridge is concerned most people are saying that it will compete with (up to) mid-range discrete graphics cards, but your top end systems with high end discrete GPU will still outperform ?Sandy?. You are not likely to see ?Sandy? being adopted into the Mac Book Pro line, although another item on the horizon from Intel is Light Peak, which you are more than likely going to see next year in the MBP, if all the rumours are correct (it replaces conventional cabling with fibre optic, I believe). If I was going to get into coding and did not want to spend the $$$ on a new MBP then I think an Apple refurb. might be the way to go.
  13. Here is a link that might help when it comes to setting up a multi-boot situation. How to Triple Boot Your Hackintosh with Windows and Linux
  14. I think that you should take the time and do a little research so that you understand the process and are then better able to fix anything that might "break" in the future. Besides, just following someone else's step by step guide (without understanding the process) will teach you nothing. Here is a link that might get you started, it is for a Vostro 1310, but it has similar specs. to your system and it might prove to be a good starting point. HCL 10.6.5/Portables - OSx86 You should also look at the {censored} and InsanelyMac sites. Hacking a laptop is never a done deal and even two identical laptops may not work exactly the same way. Nobody here can provide a sure fire solution for you, that is why you need to do the ground work first. Good luck, have fun and let us know how things work for you. Regards....... The following is a really good guide to help you understand the process. EFI-X? Opensource Alternative
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