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  1. OK now! Bought a Kingston ssdNOW 100, a 96GB drive, and it installed and my spindle drive cloned to it without a hitch. I have no idea why the OWC SSDs wouldn't work, but I am happy to say that the fault wasn't in my Frakkintsoh! I installed the TRIM utility and TRIM is enabled. Fully twice as fast at everything and up to 4X faster on big writes and reads. cost was about $1.30/GB -- not the cheapest nor the fastest, but I'm very happy to have it.
  2. But, I noticed that in 10.6.8 (and this includes updating with the Supplement too), the spinning gear is missing at boot-up -- anybody know where this went? I got used to it, and would sometimes count the spins.....
  3. Finally got around to upgrading from 10.6.7 last night. Ran the upgrade package, not the combo package. Used {censored}'s MB{censored} to rollback the audio kext, and all seems to be fine.
  4. @GreyHades -- thanks for the reply -- unfortunately, I tried every form of connection I have -- eSATA, USB2, internal SATA -- all failed during the writes with some kind of system-forced unmount. The SSD went back to OtherWorld. I haven't tried another SSD. I now don't want to do anything until I 1) upgrade to 10.6.8 and then 2) make a decision whether to migrate to Lion or not. Once I've settled those issues, then I plan to look at an SSD again.
  5. Just a very late observation that the 7300 series video cards have always been trouble on hackintoshes. I see that nothing has changed in that regard, but also that the fixes have improved. However well it is working now, I *strongly* recommend getting a new or newer video card.
  6. I'm sending a second SSD back to OWC which, like the first, had massive write fails -- whether system or SSD I don't know and can't tell. My sig lists my system details. Any special requirements, kext-wise, for using an SSD? I only have three kexts in my bootloader -- fakesmc, IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector, and LegacyHDA. Does a change of some kind need to be made in the smbios.plist or the com.apple.Boot.plist? All opinions and suggestions are very welcome....
  7. Could be a bad controller, but the controller works fine with several spindle drives I use for backup....
  8. Well, a post I read on the web said that one failure mode of SSDs is that you can read from them but not write. I was able to just continually remount the SSD and continue with cloning until it was done, and I could read everything on the drive as much as I wanted, and it would boot OK, but any extended writing, like emptying a large file from the trash, would fail with an unmount. So I think the SSD is bad.
  9. Hi all - need help here. Have a new OWC SSD 120G drive (Mercury Extreme). When I tried to clone my current drive to it, either it or the system unmounted it. I did successfully partition it with Disk Util. Then CCC couldn't complete the backup from my main drive. I repartitioned the SSD and tried installing Snow Leo from the DVD -- got into the install and then crashed with KP on reboot. I disconnected the SSD, started up, reconnected -- all this with it as an internal SATA -- it showed up on the desktop. I opened it and found a bunch of files from the first clone attempt that had red circles with lines through symbols. Tried erasing in Disk Util. with zeroing out the data and the erase failed with error = "Assert: Internal Error or Unimplemented" This is the second of these drives giving the same symptoms. I can (and did) back up to a regular HD no problem, so it seems that SATA is OK with regular SATA-3 drives -- used both Superduper! and CCC for cloning, AOK. Is there a BIOS setting issue here? Anyone have this experience or a solution -- see my sig for system details.
  10. Appears to be a flawless update -- ran it from Software Update with no problems.
  11. You're not going to like this, but I suggest a video card upgrade. I'm using a GT 220 1G with no problems in 10.6.6.
  12. Well, the hard drive for OSX has to be SATA, formatted as GUID partition table, MacOS extended. Dr. Hurt's installer takes care of the USB bootstick's permissions, etc., then Chameleon, on the bootstick, blesses the OSX disk. If you're installing Chameleon direct to the OSX hard drive (which I don't recommend) then the same process occurs for the hard drive. Unfortunately, I can't read your screenshots due to resolution being too low, so I can't comment on errors that you're seeing. Try taking higher res pix and zipping them, then posting the zip file here so we can actually see them.
  13. Just a note to let you know you are being heard. All of my experience, what little there is, has been with Gigabyte MBs -- they seem to work the best. I do hope others will chime in here with useful suggestions. Good luck.
  14. OK, folks, the zip file with the package is back on the first post, first page. Thanks to John for fixing the upload problem
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