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  1. Thanks for the help, I am NOW (edit) able to wake my machine with the keyboard! Many thanks to your efforts they are appreciated.
  2. Here is my dsdt file. Thanks for taking a look.
  3. Is it the case that with a fully patched DSDT I still can not wake my computer with an Apple Al keyboard? I am now using a magic mouse with a D-Link DBT-120 BT dongle and I am not able to wake the machine because I have Rev C from D-Link and that does not support the feature. It would be nice to wake using the KB and not the power button on the case.
  4. Updated via software update, after a fairly uncomfortable reboot cycle I am back up and running! These are my kexts in e/e fakesmc.kext LegacyHDA.kext JMicronATA.kext OpenHaltRestart.kext PlatforUUID.kext Thanks to all for the help getting the DSDT just right.
  5. I am at work now so I can't update, has anybody done it? I will try when I get home and report back.
  6. Cool, thanks for the quick response. I should have known something as the machine has been running as expected. Thanks again. This is a great forum.
  7. My machine is up and running very well but there is one final thing that is bothering me. If I go to the "about this mac" screen it shows that the 64-bit Kernel and Extensions are loaded but if I run the terminal command: ioreg -l -p IODeviceTree | grep firmware-abi I get this in return "firmware-abi" = <"EFI32"> I believe that i am truly running in 64bit mode as I had the logitec driver stop working when I switched to 64 bit in the boot plist. Am I missing something or is everything the way it should be?
  8. Thanks I go it working. I had this program running a while ago in leopard with efi-x, I am now running SL so it didn't ask to reinstall the API but it didn't work. I removed the driver and reinstalled and all is well now. Thanks again.
  9. Thanks for the tip, but I am only able to see the temperature of my hard drives. How do I add the other sensors?
  10. @Skipper I have almost the exact same machine as you minus the video card. I have been using DSDT patched by Asere without any issues but my com.apple.boot.plist is identical to the one posted on page 1 of this post.
  11. The official software from Logitech has been released and I have been using it for a little while now. All seems to work well under 64bit.
  12. What programs are people using to monitor their processor temperature. I have tried a few but I am only able to get my HD temps.
  13. For the drive see post #6 http://www.efixusers.com/showthread.php?t=219&referrerid=350 for the audio see post #1 http://www.efixusers.com/showthread.php?t=213&referrerid=350
  14. Asere Thanks for the patched DSDT, it is working perfectly and has allowed me to remove all kext files from e\e other than FakeSMC and PlatformUUID. (I assume these are still needed, please correct me if I am wrong) Sleep works perfectly along with auto configuration of my graphics card and network (time machine working) I have removed all EFI strings from the boot.plist I have made a few mods of my own to make all the attached drives appear to be internal (they are) and to enable the auto switching between the front and rear audio ports (with the addition of the appropriate kext in e\e). Thank you for all the hard work. With my home patched file I needed the Sleepenabler.kext otherwise my machine would go to sleep and not recover and NullCPUPowerManagement.kext to even boot, and the OpenHaltRestart.kext (my system shuts down and restarts) all are not needed anymore!
  15. I took the approach of creating a 1gb partition on the boot drive to load Chameleon onto. This allows me to boot faster from the HD, keep a USB slot open, and easily segregate the boot loader files from the OS install. I believe it is cleaner as well since the installed OS stays untouched. This is just my opionion as other methods work just a good but this is what I am comfortable with. It also allows me to keep a working boot loader installed on a USB stick that I can use if when I change something for the worse.
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