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  1. Bueller? Anyone? Anyone give it a go yet?
  2. I have one V1. Doesn't work. Imagine that.
  3. You beat me to it. Although I didn't think to write to them. I was to busy laughing! Yikes! Is all I can say.
  4. Bit late but updated bios without incident! So far so good.
  5. I went ahead and installed my copy of Parallels and succumbed to the idea of having to have two Windows 7 installations, one on a native HD, and the other as a virtual drive on my SL HD. Knotty I was wondering if I was going to get the Microsoft message as well and I was allowed to use the same product key for both my native and virtual installation. On my EFix rig, I had made a mirror of my previous XP HD and migrated that over as a virtual machine. I had to post on the Parallel's forum and found some great help over there. In all honesty though it was sort of a pain and I don't know if it was worth it. I'm glad that I have the fresh clean copy of Win 7 and I didn't have to worry about. For full disclosure my XP HD was filled with photos, mp3, games, etc and was a beast to migrate b/c of its size. I'm running my parallels machine with no prob so far. Installation was quick and easy and no real issues that I see. The main reason I wanted Windows 7 was for game playing and as you know this doesn't work well in Parallels 4. So I end up having to boot into my Win HD anyways. Still playing around with it and it's always nice to have options.
  6. I've got a copy of Parallels 4. I just bought Windows 7 and installed this to a 250gb SATA drive. I now have three HD in my rig. I can boot all three drives from Chameleon with no problems. So I know that everything is working. I was reading on the Parallels website that I will need to reinstall my windows 7 in order to create a virtual machine on my SL HD. Is this correct? I guess in my mind I thought I could point it to my HD that already has Windows 7 and go from there. It seems to me that if I have to create a virtual drive that will expand in size won't I be duplicating my Win 7 HD and thus cannibalizing my Snow Leopard drive.
  7. I've got the tone port gx (or something like that) and I've updated the drivers as well. Working fine as long as I'm in 32bit mode. Like erolms said, at the chameleon boot screen (where you choose which hard drive to boot) just type arch=i386 and you should have no problems. If you reboot you will most likely boot into 64bit mode so remember to boot into 32bit mode if you want to jam. I've forgotten this twice and got really ticked at the whole thing only to remember later that I was in 64bit mode.
  8. What do you like about the AHCI 1.20 Mike?
  9. Damn you Elman! Now you are talking me into it. I guess I look like a guinea pig.
  10. Rich: Are you just wanting to stir up trouble?
  11. My fear as well. But Aser has a dsdt for my board with the new bios. Hence my need to screw things up. Totally got your joke Elman.....
  12. certainly my perspective as well. Just wanted to know if it could be done safely. At some time I'll probably want to do it. Why can't I just leave good enough alone
  13. Curious I am running bios version f8 for my board. There is a f9 bios update available. My system is running great right now. Should I update the bios? I'm getting Win 7 next week. If I update the bios will it screw up my current system?
  14. Have you also disabled onboard lan in your bios? I should have asked you this earlier.
  15. This worked for me..... remove your network card and reinstall in a new pci slot. Give it a shot.
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