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  1. updated Trackpad+Keyboard PS2 32/64

    put both kexts in /S/L/E - remove any PS2 kexts you used before and do not mix with voodoops2.

    Trackpad works as mouse, no fancy extras. 32 + 64bit, SL and Lion GM tested, works reliable.

    UPDATE, a BETTER one - load only this (TRACKPAD.SYNAPTIC-GESTURE.zipe pack) from now on : have new stuff for us Laptop fans added : now trackpad with a working prefpane to enable click to tap and scroll :cool:

    Screenshot of prefpane see here please : http://i53.tinypic.com/p2i49.png

    instructions : remove old PS2controller.kext and AppleAcpiPS2nub.kext, replace with the same named kexts from new packages.

    put the trackpad.prefpane in /LIBRARY/PREFPANES . Don't touch/remove the OSX built in trackpad prefpane ( which is in /System/Library/prefpanes) repair permissions with diskutility , reboot. Afterwards you can manage your trackpad via Systemsettings -> trackpad. tons of options to choose from, makes the trackpad fully work ( synaptics for me , 1finger scroll,2finger scroll,horizontal,vertical, tap to click ).

    32 + 64bits, Snow and Lion GM tested and confirmed




  2. ML - radeon mobility4650 SHRIKE LVDS toshiba kexts

    QE/CI capable Mobility 4650 Radeon ( Device ID 9480 ) for LVDS 1366x768 screen in Toshiba L500-120 Laptop.

    Only for this card, only for Mountain Lion ( OS X 10.8 - GM ) , only 64bits.

    Bonus : Readme, Booter,Kextwizard, PS/2 Keyboard+Trackpad , Sound , BIOS-CMOS-resetfix.

    As always : it works fine on my Machine, if not for you then sorry.





  3. 10.7.4 LVDS kexts for Ati HD 4650mobility Toshiba

    LION 10.7.4 ( 32/64 )LVDS/Laptop Screen Drivers with 3D and Powermanagement for Toshiba L500-120 ( core2duo ) with Ati Radeon HD mobility 4650 1GB ( device id 9480!) , 15.6 inches 1366x768

    based upon OSX own iMac Drivers ( uses Mobility 4670 ).

    ATY_INIT included for proper 3D acceleration .

    Put a SMBIOS of MacBookPro5.1 in your /Extra Folder for Clockgating/"Powerplay" Fan settings to work correctly.

    All necessary infos + screenshots what was modded is in the pdf.

    All working fine here - Even FinalCut X renders properly with this 2.5 year old Toshiba Laptop. So drivers work as in real mac.




  4. 10.7.3 Ati Mobility4650 LVDS/Shrike DevID9480

    Notice : If you have downloaded these 11D50 kexts, you are done. The final update contains the same files, so nothing to do.

    for 10.7.3, FINAL = build 11D50

    ATY_INIT for QE/CI, put in /S/L/E, boot with GraphicsEnabler=No.

    SMBIOS of MacBookPro5,1 ( recommended for Core2Duo Laptops ) or iMac9,1 or 10,1 to activate Ati Powerplay Energysaver Feature.

    Will only work if your Laptop outputs via LVDS Shrike Framebuffer. DeviceID = 1002 ( = ATI ) 9480 ( = HD46xx family )




  5. Lion 11D46 Ati4650mobility DevID 9480 Shrike FB

    Newer Ones for OSX 10.7.3 build 11D50 of January 30 : here http://www.osx86.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=2332

    Updated kexts to latest versions 11D46 ( Jan 17 from Apple )

    Lion build 11D46 ( OS X 10.7.3 Goldmaster builds )

    These are modded Desktop ATI Drivers for iMac that will work with Ati Mobility HD4650/4670 PCI-Express Cards in 15,6inch Laptops with 1366x768 screen. Device ID MUST be 9480 , check Systemprofiler. Hardcoded to output using Ati's Shrike Framebuffer as found in my toshiba Satellite L500 machine.

    In order to work in QE/CI/GL/CL accelerated 3D modes you MUST replace the stock kexts with these modded ones and also put the ATY_Init.kext into S/L/E, repair permissions and reboot with "GraphicsEnabler" set to "NO". Use a recent version of Chameleon ( 2.1 svn or trunk ) as Loader.

    These drivers are good enough with such a mobility card to run FinalCut X or any Game for OSX ;-)

    Have Fun.




  6. IRCplugin for iChat6 ( lion )

    With this free plugin ( apple sample code for Xcode ) you can use OS X built-in iChat for IRC server chats.

    OS X LION only ( iChat v6 ), 32 + 64bit.

    Installer and Manual included.

    screenshot provided.




  7. Backport Ati mobility 4650 LVDS SNOW update

    These are new Ati Mobility Laptop 32/64 bit drivers for Snow.

    Exact same version as in Lion 10.7.2, but compatible with 10.6.8.

    based on this http://www.osx86.net/view/2044-11c74_lvds_ati_update_4650mobility_shrike.htmlLion 10.7.2 pack, I created the same for Snow 10.6.8 ( only compatible with this version ! )

    featuring updated OpenCL stack and kexts for Device ID 0x94801002 ( Ati 46xx mobility ). For 1366x768 screen internal Laptop.

    Use Aty_init included for QE/CI . Boot with GraphicsEnabler=NO.




  8. 11C74 LVDS Ati Update 4650mobility Shrike

    for Laptop with Ati 46xx mobility ( 4650/4670) series pci-express. Single videocards only, no switchable gpu laptops.

    My model Toshiba L500-120 runs Lion with this,see : http://i39.tinypic.com/2n8zznn.jpg

    I include all you need, and a readme file with screenshots. Please read it or it wont work !

    Device ID MUST BE 9480, display MUST BE LVDS, Shrike Framebuffer , maximum 15.6inch @ 1366x768.

    This is a full package, updates OpenCL.framework files, ATi kexts newer then stock 11C74 ( taken from MBP videoupdate )

    SMBIOS examples included, QE/CI enabler included. Modded powermanagement kexts for correct pp_clock gating in Ati speedstep.

    OSX 10.7.2 build 11C74 only !! no betas,no prior builds.




  9. LION 10.7.1 ATI 4650 mobility (Toshiba L500)

    for Lion 10.7.1 official drivers from Apple, ATI version 7.4.10

    modded for Laptops, LVDS maximum 1366x768 ( 15,6 inches )

    DeviceID = 9480

    Framebuffer SHRIKE

    use the modded 4650mAty_init for QE/CI activation without GraphicsEnabler *

    ( * or a 9480+Shrike patched chameleon with GraphicsEnabler=Yes)




  10. 4650m LVDS shrike Toshiba 11C35 LION 10.7.2dev

    ATI RADEON 4650 , Kextversions 7.6.8 , August 5 Apple Developer Build. For Ati Mobility Laptops with LION ( any version from 10.7.0 GM to 10.7.2dev )

    features: 1366x768 @32bit LVDS shrike framebuffer internal laptop ( toshiba L500 in this case , might work with others )

    32 and 64bit KEXTmodes support.

    modded : hexentries in ATI4600controller

    modded : Device ID : 9480 ( is mobility 4650 )

    taken from latest ( August 5 2011 ) LION build, work in GM/APPSTORE version too !

    use included ATY_init for QE/CI ( bootloader : graphicsEnabler=NO ) recommended booter : newer chameleon or Chimera.

    use SMBIOS MacBookPro5,1 + modded AppleGraphicsPowermanagement.kext, uses settings from iMac with mobility radeon card for Speedstep in Ati card ( silent fan , only active when video/3d) -- I foregot the 2nd kext in the zip.. here it is single added, "AppleGraphicsPowermanagement.kext".


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  11. LION wifi SITECOM 608 USB // RALINK RT2870

    The Sitecom WL 608 -- THIS here : http://www.sitecom.com/wireless-usb-adapter-54g/wl-608-bl/p/710

    is a 10Euro cheap mini wifi USB dongle with support for 11 and 54MB ( B+G) Wireless. The chipset inside it is a ralink rt2870. The same chip is found also in some Belkin and MSI sticks. Just give it a try , wont hurt.

    To manage the WEP/WPA encryption and set profiles to autoload a prefpane is used.

    everything included in this pack :

    Application ( sits in your menubar as airport icon ) , prefpane and the latest rt2870 kext ( August 2011 ) , Lion kext util included.

    Sitecom WL-608 USB wifi Stick

    32 and 64bit mode

    This mod was needed because Ralinks original utility is not working correct in Lions fullscrenn mode;

    The drivers on Sitecoms download page are totally outdated..

    remove the Ralink Original utility from your login items if you have that loaded.




  12. DSDT LION TOSHIBA L500-120 (Intel PM45)

    Toshiba SATELLITE L500-120 Laptop Model Code PSLJ3E , 2009 EU ( germany )

    chipset is ICH9M , Mainboard in Toshiba L500 is Intel CANTIGA , Intel PM45 series

    CPU : Intel Core2Duo Penryn 2,1GhZ --

    GPU : ATI 4650 HD mobility 1024Mb

    the following fixes are applied in this DSDT.aml - put in /Extra and refer in com.apple.boot.plist or org.chameleon.boot.plist with entries : DSDT=/Extra/DSDT.aml

    reboot and shutdown cured, no need for Evoreboot.kext/OpenHaltrestart.kext etc.

    Sleep works without a Sleepenabler

    HPET fixed = NATIVE Speedstep/Poweroptions; No need for NullCPUpowermanagement. Make Use of "generatePStates" and "generateCStates" both to "YES" in boot.plist for running at cooler temperatures with Apples Intel steppings.

    CMOS resets fixed (no need for Ellitoforcelegacy.kext) for Lion to work use together with patched AppleRTC.kext ,included

    LPC fixed ; loads LPCB device in IOREG . for Lion to work use modded AppleLPC.kext , included.

    CPUs=1 fixed

    SBUS fixed

    USB ich9 changed to ICH10 internal EHCI / UHCI = fixes USB preventing Sleep

    IRQs removed, added Macintosh Names overall where applicable

    the kexts included are for LION (!)

    THIS DSDT works nice together with "CHIMERA" Bootloader, a sligthtly modified chameleon ( uses com.apple.boot.plist in /extra ). boots Snow and Lion.




  13. LION Toshiba L500 Realtek Cardreader intern

    the frontal SDHC cardreader ( Realtek ) in the Toshiba L500 works out of the box in OSX, but it is treated as a generic usb drive when a card is inserted.

    If it does not work for you, you might need change the device id ( 344 and 345 are common for Realtek sdcard usb internal laptop ) in the info.plists of AppleUSBcardreader.kext ( also in the Appleusbcardreader plugin within Applestoragedrivers.kext )

    This replacement kexts for /S/L/E make it work as native Apple SDCARD device, with changed icon and a timeout of 3000ms for operations ( better for sdcards ). It will appear in Systemprofiler as SDCARD device with its serialnumber.

    This is the 10.7.0 GM "lion" version , a 10.6.8 Snow version is also up here on kexts.com.


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  14. SNOW Toshiba L500 Realtek Cardreader intern

    the frontal SDHC cardreader ( Realtek ) in the Toshiba L500 works out of the box in OSX, but it is treated as a generic usb drive when a card is inserted.

    If it does not work for you, you might need change the device id ( 344 and 345 are common for Realtek sdcard usb internal laptop ) in the info.plists of AppleUSBcardreader.kext ( also in the Appleusbcardreader plugin within Applestoragedrivers.kext )

    This replacement kexts for /S/L/E make it work as native Apple SDCARD device, with changed icon and a timeout of 3000ms for operations ( better for sdcards ). It will appear in Systemprofiler as SDCARD device with its serialnumber.

    This is the Snow 10.6.8 version ( might work in 10.6.5 onwards ) , will put up a Lion GM version today too.




  15. LION GM QE/CI 4650mobility 9480 shrike

    hexedited ATI kexts for device ID 9480 ( 4650/4670 mobility ) , using SHRIKE FB on LVDS ( Laptop )

    working on a Satellite L500 Core2Duo ( late 2009 )

    iMac11,1 in SMBIOS

    graphicsEnabler=Yes and arch=x86_x64 in boot list

    those two and the ATI ROM file in /Extra

    ATI kexts and bundles from LION GM, version 7.2.9 - go in /S/L/E

    repair permissions afterwards, reboot with new chameleon.

    Install this chameleon, its special patched for Laptop shrike screen + included a nice prefpane for easy boot list edits, for boot support of Shrike. Don't use together with any ATY_init or "Enablers".

    make a basic DSDT.aml and reference it in the boot list ( mine is in /Extra ) , tools like dsdt auto patcher are fine.

    Kextutility for LION is needed, don't use the old snow one.




  16. 4650m Patcher for SL stock kexts: LVDS shrike 9480

    this script is not from me, but from user "akbarmoradi" from Insanelymac. It is amazing and makes all the hexediting easy for anybody.

    This works for everybody that uses device ID 1002 ( ATI ) 9480 ( 46xx mobility family ) and that needs Shrike Framebuffer output for LVDS ( Laptops ). As a result you have fully enabled QE/CI/openGL, transparent menubar,effects.. - tested on OSX 10.6.6 and higher up to 10.6.8. Possibly works in Lion too

    1. Set GRaphicsEnabler=No in your boot plist . Set Kernel to load to 64bit ( wont work in 32bit ) -- arch=x86_x64

    2. Open the script with textedit, set name of OSX HDD ( default "HDD" ) to your disk name ( upper/lower case ! ) , save script and put in a place you find it easy.

    3. put ATY_init and Legacy4600controller kexts in /Extra/Extensions, ATY_init also in /S/L/E.

    use Apples unmodified ATI kexts from the stock update ( for example 10.6.8 ) - they must be in their place in /S/L/E

    4. open Terminal , sudo -s for root access and run the script ./EnableGraphic

    to make sure the script has done its patching, open ATI4600controller.kext in /S/L/E afterwards and go to the subfolders in the kext to MacOS. You should see that the binary "Ati4600controller" has been edited the minute that you used the script.

    Make sure the device ID 9480 is in the Info.plists of both ATI4600controller.kext and in ATIRadeonX2000.kext. ( 9480 is 4650mobility )

    5. use kextutility to repair permissions and recreate mkext ,

    6. reboot and enjoy fully 64bit QE/CI/OpenGL OSX Snow on your Laptop.




  17. ATY_INIT for 4650mobility activate QE/CI

    put in /S/L/E , to be extra safe also in /E/E and repair permissions with kextutility for mkext regeneration.

    make sure GRaphicsEnabler=NO is set in /Extra/com.apple.boot.plist - GE=YES plus this kext cannot work together. Only one solution, not use both.

    IF you use this instad of GE=Yes you no longer need a special boot file or a specific chameleon version.

    ATY_INIT has Info.plist inside that force OSX to load the Shrike ( used for LVDS signal on 4650 cards ) framebuffer for ATI4650m cards with DeviceID of 9480.

    This does the same as GraphicsEnabler=Yes in atishrike-patched boot files.

    This is much safer solution with the same result : QE/CI

    ( Notice : Still needs a patched ATI4600controller.kext for LVDS , see my other upload for 10.6.8 pre-patched version ).




  18. Toshiba L500 Sound - 32/64bit

    one of the few working voodoohda that works on Satellites L500 Core2Duo Models

    toshiba L500 uses ALC727 chip. This kext works in 32+64bit, SL and LION. -> remove AppleHDA, Enablers or whatver you had tried.

    put kext into /S/L/E, repair, reboot. ready.

    Automatically if you plug in a mic, it will switch between speakers and mic.

    If sound is to low for you, I recommend : "Hear 1.0.5" ( demo available if you google for it ). this enhances sound systemwide, not only itunes.


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  19. Lions Missioncontrol for SL

    unzip,put into Application folder, drag a shortcut to the dock . et voila. basically it is just expose. ripped from LION GM and modded to work under 10.6





  20. SL + Lion BIOS reset fix Toshiba L500

    put this kext in /Extra/Extensions and in /System/Library/Extension, repair permission, reboot, set up your BIOS to what you want it to be default and now booting your OSX will not reset the settings anymore.

    Works in LION,too.


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  21. QE-CI ATI 4650mobility LVDS for Toshiba

    SHRIKE Framebuffer, LVDS output on Toshiba Satellites 15,6 inch 1366x768 ( Models with Phoenix BIOS ).

    Put the rom file + the SMBIOS.plist in /Extra. DO NOT RENAME THE ROM file.

    Install the included chameleon ( is modded for Shrike FB )

    replace 10.6.8 kexts with this ones. 32 and 64bit working. iMac 9,1 makes sure that powermodes on GPU works ( fan speeds ).

    modify your boot arguments in /Extra/com.apple.boot.plist :

    SMBIOS = /Extra/SMBIOS.plist

    repair permission, reboot : Quartz Extreme,openGL,Core Image.. everything should work internally. VGA out / HDMI must test.

    I know people that used this on MSI AiO machines and had also success. It varies, depending on what connector pins the OEM is using for LVDS. Toshiba L500 uses my layout and it works.




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