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  1. Version 1.0


    Patched UEFI-BIOS with PMPATCH. check this short guide at {censored} for upgrading; http://www.{censored}.com/dsdt/85383-dsdt-asus-p8z77-m-pro-13.html#post650906
  2. I add Darkwake=0 to config.plist. So probably Darkwake did the trick! Now system sleeps! Thanx! I didn't have CsmVideoDxe-64.efi anyway. Also regenerated SSDT with iASL and renamed it to SSDT-1.aml Also add MacPro3,1 to config.plist. Got some more P-states when I check them with MSRDumper; 16, 17, 40, 41. Only missing some high 20's and low 30's multi's which I had before. Maybe Macmini5,2 will have more states.
  3. Uhmmm i5 2500k, Asus P8Z77M-Pro, patched UEFI v.1708, nVidia GTX650, SMBIOS = iMac 12,1 generated by Clover (no SMBIOS-entry in config.plist), SSDT from RevoGirl Script, boot-flags = -v MountEFI=No slide=0, custom-DSDT
  4. Does someone have a clue why Clover + OS X 10.8.3 is no sleep anymore? Also some P-states are gone.
  5. DSDT Editor. I find it much better then DSDTSE. Cause one can patch the DSDT just to insert a text-file with the patch by just selecting patch-menu (sort of); no copy-paste-stuff. Check the website olarila.com. I thought a saw a Youtube-video
  6. @faithie999 Did you also patch your DSDT with shutdown-fix. this helped for me. Had the same problem. You can find it on olarila.com Shutdown.txt
  7. Thanks! So I changed CSM for my Asus P8Z77-M Pro, deleted sata_3rdparty.kext and also patched DSDT. It seems te work fine besides from Ati 5770 second screen artifacts and USB-devices (Logitech mouse and keyboard connected to USB2) take a while before getting recognized. I didn't assign any USB3-fixes and kexts. First things first.
  8. I also dicovered halting the system sometimes causes no complete shutdown. I'll take a look at mrengles DSDT-stuff. I'm now at a point where I'm wondering if I'm going to proceed with Clover EFI. It's taking for me as a mortal, no EFI/DSDT-guru, to much time to get it properly running. But I'll give the DSDT-patching a try and/or maybe switch to same hardware is flawless working system or just copy someone's hardware-config.
  9. I'm currently trying to get my Hack working is stable and bugfree is possible. I read in the Clover-guide when you set DropOemSSDT=yes you can load your own SSDT-table. Now I would like to know how I can tell which generated SSDT can replace with OC-SSDT generated with Revogrils script? I've dumped my ACPI tables from Asus P8Z77-M Pro with Live Ubuntu CD. (How-To dump click). I checked all decompiled SSDT (done with iaslme) and compared it with Revogirls ssdt-pr.dsl but none like with my current lacking knowledge similar. Long story short which SSDT's also with OC-SSDT in EFI/ACPI/patched to have eg also full SATA-functionality. I've included screen of all dumped tables. Thanx
  10. I've got a question concerning sleep and wake. Now I've got my Clover full-EFI Boot working my system; Asus P8Z77-M Pro with i2500K Sandy Bridge and a Ati HD5770, system will not wake from sleep. Sometimes even there is a kernel panic during shutdown. I use no DSDT. Legacy-boot is fine with Clover. Suggestions?
  11. Okay did reformat the EFI-partition so original /Apple/Extensions/something.scap, which was located there, is now gone (offcourse). Okay did this also in terminal sudo cp -Rv /Volumes/cloverusb/EFI /Volumes/EFI/ (I previously deleted all files and folders regarding 32bits Legacy boot) Rebooted, removed USB, choose P2:MYSSD and rebooted; no go. Only saw blinking cursor. Well apparently system doesn't see any bootable OS. MAC OS X is still in Asus UEFI as an entree. I put back my Clover-USB, choose that is boot device and 3 big buttons are in there; Boot UEFI Boot menu from (tiny icon USB-stick) Boot UEFI Boot menu from (tiny icon HDD) Boot Mac OS X from OS X Moutnain Lion So I choose Boot UEFI Boot menu from (icon hdd), screen went to black and came back into clover menu BUT now with Clover Boot options. I made the Choose the add string to UEFI boot. Reset the sucker in Clover menu. Then set Boot to Clover OS X Boot (something like that). then rebooted without USB and bammmm... Clover menu with 2 big buttons choose OS X. whoehoe.. and now it's booting UEFI.. At last!! thanx guys for helping me out!
  12. I feel like a total tech-moron! I copied the folder /EFI from USB to efi partition (mounting it as msdos to /Volumes/efi). So it now looks like /Volumes/efi/EFI/APCI... included pic! Also checked @ projectosx.com so renamed Cloverx64.efi to BootX64.efi for Aptio boards but no luck. When I reboot it will show 2 entries labeled "Boot UEFI Boot menu from" when booting from USB. Just what you warned me for when run installer!!!!! Without USB there is only a blinking cursor. What am I doing wrong @#$%#$%#$%?! Whaaahhhh.
  13. It's handy to add in boot-args -v for verbose status messages while booting
  14. Thanx guys for your effort. I've upgraded the USB to Clover 980, cause was using 954. According to xsmile (post#875) P8Z77-M Pro is a Aptio board. Now I've got 4 efi-files in driver64UEFI-folder: fsinject, hfsplus, osxaptiodivdrv, osxfatbinarydrv. No extra big OS button apears and no Clover Boot Options and I'm booting UEFI:NAMEOFUSB. My Clover-menu is; Big Buttons Boot UEFI Boot menu from Boot Mac OS X from OSX Mountain lion [*]Small Buttons About rEFIt Options Start EFI Shell 64 Restart Computer Shut Down computer I also checked my boot.log. I don't see any errors or warnings expect from not foundLoadDrivers() end; 0:159 0:000 PlatformDriverOverrideProtocol not found. Installing ... Success 0:159 0:000 Edid: size=0 0:159 0:000 not foundLoadDrivers() end 0:946 0:000 found 9 volumes with blockIO 0:946 0:000 * PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1d,0x0)/USB(0x1,0x0)/USB(0x7,0x0) 0:955 0:008 USB volume 0:955 0:000 USB volume 0:964 0:008 this is SelfVolume at index 1 0:964 0:000 * PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1d,0x0)/USB(0x1,0x0)/USB(0x7,0x0)/HD(1,MBR,0x0002c3b3,0x800,0xfa000) 0:971 0:007 USB volume 0:971 0:000 USB volume 0:976 0:005 * PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1f,0x2)/Sata(0x1,0x0) 0:992 0:016 * PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1f,0x2)/Sata(0x3,0x0) 0:998 0:005 * PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1f,0x2)/Sata(0x1,0x0)/HD(1,GPT,7fe9ab83-c911-4188-aeaf-732323f36d5f,0x28,0x64000) 1:004 0:006 * PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1f,0x2)/Sata(0x1,0x0)/HD(2,GPT,083ad041-e78f-4bc8-abd4-fe887690745c,0x64028,0x5d21dc0) 1:016 0:011 Booting OS 10.8.2 1:021 0:005 * PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1f,0x2)/Sata(0x1,0x0)/HD(3,GPT,f68213b7-ec3e-43ec-bd85-c5e4e40c2f99,0x5dc5de8,0x4a817c8) 1:022 0:000 * PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1f,0x2)/Sata(0x3,0x0)/HD(1,GPT,30c97e3f-b306-4f64-828b-2522b2b1fdde,0x28,0x64000) 1:028 0:006 * PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1f,0x2)/Sata(0x3,0x0)/HD(2,GPT,cecb8f2f-705e-48ce-86d7-c9e30c043d48,0x64028,0x41e09238) 1:032 0:003 Volume 0 has no root 1:032 0:000 search for optical UEFI 1:032 0:000 search for internal UEFI 1:032 0:000 search for external UEFI 1:037 0:005 Volume 2 has no root 1:037 0:000 Volume 3 has no root 1:037 0:000 search for optical UEFI 1:037 0:000 search for internal UEFI 1:037 0:000 search for external UEFI 1:038 0:000 Icon 15 not found at 1:051 0:013 search for optical UEFI 1:051 0:000 search for internal UEFI 1:051 0:000 search for external UEFI 1:051 0:000 search for optical UEFI 1:051 0:000 search for internal UEFI 1:051 0:000 search for external UEFI 1:051 0:000 search for optical UEFI 1:051 0:000 search for internal UEFI 1:051 0:000 search for external UEFI 1:052 0:000 search for optical UEFI 1:052 0:000 search for internal UEFI 1:052 0:000 search for external UEFI 1:052 0:000 hide volume 0 1:052 0:000 hide volume 2 1:052 0:000 ScanLegacy() 1:057 0:005 Checking EFI partition Volume 4 for Clover 1:057 0:000 Checking EFI partition Volume 7 for Clover 1:064 0:006 found tools\Shell64.efi 1:064 0:000 ScanTool() 1:070 0:005 FinishTextScreen() 1:070 0:000 FindDefaultEntry ... 1:070 0:000 FindStartupDiskVolume ... 1:070 0:000 GetEfiB{censored}DeviceFromNvram: 1:070 0:000 efi-boot-device-data: PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1f,0x2)/Sata(0x1,0x0)/HD(2,GPT,083ad041-e78f-4bc8-abd4-fe887690745c,0x64028,0x5d21dc0) 1:070 0:000 Volume: 'PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1f,0x2)/Sata(0x1,0x0)/HD(2,GPT,083ad041-e78f-4bc8-abd4-fe887690745c,0x64028,0x5d21dc0)' 1:070 0:000 LoaderPath: '<null string>' 1:070 0:000 Guid = 083AD041-E78F-4BC8-ABD4-FE887690745C 1:070 0:000 FindStartupDiskVolume searching ... 1:070 0:000 volume: partition = PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1f,0x2)/Sata(0x1,0x0)/HD(2,GPT,083ad041-e78f-4bc8-abd4-fe887690745c,0x64028,0x5d21dc0) 1:070 0:000 searching for that partition 1:070 0:000 found entry 1. 'Boot Mac OS X from OSX Mountain Lion', Volume 'OSX Mountain Lion' 1:070 0:000 Boot redirected to Entry 1. 'Boot Mac OS X from OSX Mountain Lion' 1:070 0:000 FindDefaultEntry() 1:070 0:000 Use anime=Anim_1_Logo_LightSweep frames=137 1:070 0:000 Available graphics modes for refit.conf screen_resolution: 1:070 0:000 Curr. Mode = 2, Modes = 3, FB = E0000000, FB size=0x1000000 1:070 0:000 - Mode 0: 800x600 PixFmt = 8bit BGR, PixPerScanLine = 800 1:070 0:000 - Mode 1: 1024x768 PixFmt = 8bit BGR, PixPerScanLine = 1024 1:070 0:000 - Mode 2: 1280x1024 PixFmt = 8bit BGR, PixPerScanLine = 1280 1:070 0:000 SetScreenResolution: 1440x900 - not found! 1:143 0:073 Found Mouse device: 1:143 0:000 - ResolutionX=8 1:143 0:000 - ResolutionY=8 1:143 0:000 - ResolutionZ=0 1:143 0:000 - Left button present 1:143 0:000 - Right button present 1:146 0:002 GUI ready EDIT: Going to try complete new install of Clover v980 in formatted USB-drive...... I've done reinstall with option 1. UEFI boot (UEFI motherboards). No difference on boot options:( I'm not getting these error allocating memory anymore when I choose Boot UEFI Boot menu from. What's with that Mac OS X in my Asus UEFI boot device priorities?
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