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  1. Hi candykane, Don't ask me what I did...I took my old DSDT file and some new Extensions: HDAEnabler and LegacyHDA. I can't see any difference between anything else here...at least it's working now. Thank you so much for your help!
  2. sorry, but it doesn't work with the kakewalk dsdt-file...I really have no idea what's happening here....
  3. @candykane It's a rev1 board. I will try the kakewalk files and report the results. @kari: 1. The sound does work with v10.6.4 2. This is merely a connector for your case connectors: front headphones, front mic, etc nothing regarding the sound card itself, can't see how it would affect this in anyway... Regards Tom
  4. I left the dsdt file from your package in "place", ie the extra folder...
  5. Ok, I did some testing, this is what I did: 1. Installed the Combo update (10.6.5) 2. Rebooted 3. Copied AppleHDA (from your folder to System/Libraries/Extensions), overwriting the current one 4. Removed the Extensions.mkext from the Extra folder 5. Rebuilt the Extensions.mkext with "Kext Utility" (for some reason the new file has the date 21st of December) 6. Restarted, still no sound... I might be missing something..... I left all files in the extra folder. Any help greatly apreciated. Tom
  6. Ok, thanks. I was a bit out of this, since my system has been running quite smooth for a while now...i'll keep you updated once I'm done updating...thanks for your help
  7. Hi candykane, I copied the extra folder to my bootstick...now I don't even have sound on 10.6.4...kinda scared to install 10.6.5, don't know if it'll make it work or not (installing 10.6.5) btw: does it matter what BIOS version I use? Currently I have F4, thinking to upgrade to F7...
  8. Hi John, Also my sound is not working with 10.6.5. I also tried to replace the HDA-Files, no luck. I had to revert back to 10.6.4 (using Install-DVD and TimeMachine Backup) Anyone here?
  9. Hi GEO, Somehow your link doesn't work. My Audio is showing up, but there's no sound coming out of the speakers. In System Profiler I see under "Audio (Built-in)": Intel High Definition Audio: Audio ID 12. That's it... Maybe this installer would help...
  10. Everything wonderful here (so far)... well sound is not working...i restored to 10.6.4 for now. I couldn't find a way to get sound working. anyone here?
  11. I still login there once in a (long) while. I found this post by mr logiclight: "Mac OS X drivers"...ahhhhhh no EFI-strings? Too complicated? Even I got two gfx-cards to work...even two different ones! I can't believe people still fall for this scam-product... Oh EFi-X V3, that's very very funny...
  12. A lot has been said/written about it...and now Gigabyte has released an utility (PC only, obviously) which makes the USB port deliver 1000ma instead of only 500ma (standard). I couldn't get it to work on my Windows 7 VirtualMachine, I guess that was logical, but I tried it anyway. Anyone have an idea how this could be done from MacOS X? I mean the hardware supports it... Thanks for any hints/ideas, tom
  13. Check in BIOS HD-boot priority...and if that seems ok, then hit F12 (boot selection menu) and select your boot-hd manually...see if that works
  14. Hi, I just think I have the same sound chip ALC889a, but for some reason it's not working. After update I reinstalled with KextUtility the old AppleHDA.kext and still nothing. I removed all HDA*.kext files from S/Extra/Ext/ folder... Please help... Regards, Tom
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