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  1. Hi, my Friends Board is a Gigabyte P35-DS 4 with SATA DVD and HD and the Radeon 4780 and the Intel Quad 6600. When he boots with the Chameleon Boot CD and press the F5 for the SL DVD then the gray screen with the Apple Logo appears but 5min. later nothing happens anymore. The DVD LW is not flashing and the System hangs. He also tried with -X Boot Option but here is it the same. When he boots with the Verbose Mode this Screen appears when the System hangs: Any Ideas? Greetings.....
  2. Works fine on Asere´s fixed DSDT on a P35-DQ6 Mainboard with GTX 260...
  3. Hi, my Sl works very well with the fixed DSDT of Asere. Some Times i become some graphic mistakes. You can see it in the Pictures. The Buttons in the Finder Menu are not clear and the Buttons in the Dialog boxes are flashing. I have Chameleon running with Graphics enabler on YES. I have startet the EFI Studio and added the 260 GTX. I also try to dissable the Graphics enabler and put the String from the 260 Gtx in com.Apple.Boot List but the some mistakes... I tried the 8800GT with 256mb Ram and the same graphic mistakes appear. With the OSX 86 Tool, i become an Apple Script Error, when i would try to enable Quartz GL: Can’t make "The domain/default pair of (com.apple.windowserver, QuartzGLEnabled) does not exist" into type boolean. (-1700) My Score in Cinebench is 6800 points... Thank you for helping. P.S: I have now installed the Graphics enabler and the Exotic QE CI Package...but nothing better
  4. The new Control Center 4.9 is out for the Efix Modul and the new Firmware for the 1.1 Modul is Version 7.11.17 with Snow Leopard support...:cool:
  5. Hallo AsereBLN, could you please Patch my File for P35-DQ6 with F9 Bios. Thanks and hoping for install SL and trash the Efix Modul ....
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