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  1. Well, neither is mine. So, the eject button on my keyboard does not work. At all. However, if I insert a DVD or data CD/DVD, it mounts and I can use it. I can even eject it using finder. But empty - no chance. The way I am using it is - I push the HW button on my DVD drive to open it, insert the media and push the button to close it. Then it is automatically recognized and mounted. Tried this? My machine is defined as iMac12,2. Does the original 12,2 support a DVD?
  2. I solved the "white screen with cursor" issue without replacing anything. I just hit the power button and the machine went to sleep. After the wake-up i could see the installation screen and continue. I don't know if it's just me or if it would work for others, but just try and find out.
  3. OK, I tried anti-pop - no go. It still pops loud. What about MacPro3? According to Mactracker it supports only Intel Xeon W3530, W3565, W3680, E5620, X5650, or X5670 ("Bloomfield, Westmere, Gulftown") and no SandyBridge. Also, supported GPU's are ATI Radeon HD 5770 or ATI Radeon HD 5870. Well, near to my 6870, but... UserKernelCache seems to does OK. If I turn it off, the boot process takes a lot longer. I deleted all caches and did all I thought about (repairing permissions, rebuilding caches etc.) but still no luck. AFAIK myFix will do not other things then ensure all needed files are in place, permissions are ok and caches are rebuilt. I am not using EE any longer. I use SLE, but I am not coming that far. As soon as I hit the button for my boot drive, screen goes gray and nothing happens. Disk light just dies on me. I tried with dsdt and smbios paths in org.chameleon.boot.plist but then it was even worse - KP's all over the place. Hmmm...
  4. Well, I finally did it. I am writing this from my new machine. It took some time to get everything delivered and build, but now all is done. I took SMBios for an iMac 27", i7 3.41GHz (iMac12,2). It was the nearest one to my config. I might have a crappy DSDT, but I didn't have the time to actually learn how to create one specially tailored for my machine. Hence, there is a room for improvement. A LOT of room! Now, what works: CPU recognized GPU recognized RAM recognized SSD working What didn’t work oob and I managed to fix: Support for 2x24?? 1920x1200 using 2 DVI ports – I’ve got GPU instantly recognized, but both monitors were showing the same screen. I couldn’t extend my workspace since only one monitor was shown. Only after I used DVI2HDMI converter and attached the second monitor to HDMI port, both were recognized and now I can use them in a usual manner. I dunno if this could be done better, but at least it works now. SSD was correctly reconized but TRIM was not enabled. Used the TRIM enabler. Sound – it didn’t work at all. Hence, I think the DSDT I am using (although for my board) need some fixing. I solved the issue with ALC889 edited Lion AppleHDA.kext from Toleda. However, it gives me an ugly knack every time sound is activated. And I mean a LOUD knack! What still does not work: I cannot boot without going verbose. With or without UseKernelCache=Yes. Only thing I get, after Chameleon shows all drives and I choose my SSD is a gray screen. Nothing else. Going verbose is working nice, UseKernelCache speeds up the boot nicely. Sound needs a better fix. This loud popping/knacking/whatever noise drives me mad. I need to find out how to edit the DSDT. Or find a kind soul with the same board and proper edited DSDT. I think this is it. Cannot recall anything else worth posting. If I missed something - just ask.
  5. Thanks kyndder! It was a loooong process, but the result really pleases me too. Well, that was kinda a whole point of the exercise: using the time (until i got the money together) to find components which are widely supported by the community, up-to-date in terms of available technology and then even affordable. Whatever I compare it to in terms of performance (iMac or Mac Pro) this baby will not need to be ashamed! In terms of issues (or no issues), i'll report how everything pans out when the machine is delivered and everything is installed.
  6. Well, I was reading a lot, followed some tips and finally ordered my new HackMac. Here is what is on the way: GIGABYTE GA-Z68XP-UD4 (Socket 1155 Intel® Z68 Express) Motherboard Intel® CoreTM i7-2600K (4x 3400 MHz) Socket 1155 CPU Prolimatech Genesis CPU Cooler (including 2x140mm Blue Vortex Low Speed Fans) Corsair Vengeance LP DIMM 16GB DDR3-1600 Dual Channel Memory, Quad-Kit RAM (LP - Low Profile) ATI PCIe SAPPHIRE HD 6870 FLEX (AMD Radeon HD 6870) 1GB GPU OCZ Vertex3 2,5" 120 GB (SATA3) TRIM SSD Sony Optiarc DVD/DVD-RW (24x/8x/12x) Thermaltake Overseer RX-I Case (4x200mm fan, 2x120mm fan 12-15dBA) Corsair HX650W (650 Watt) Power Supply Unit be quiet! SoundProofing Kit for Midi-Tower case - universal I have 2x1TB and 1x1,5TB Samsung HD's out of my old machine, which I will take over. It was the best deliverable price/performance ratio I could get. I would have preferred one or the other component differently, but it was a) not in stock (like some boards used by the most hackintoshers with Z68 Express chip set) or prohibitive in price (like other SSD or 4x8GB or even 2x8GB Dual Channel RAM). However, I still hope I ordered me a nice hackintosh. Now I need to prepare a boot stick, with all things set and ready (DSDT, smbios.plist, etc.) and hope not too many obstacles would await me on the way to my new HackMac. Ideally, I will boot from stick with all things working, install Lion on my SSD, configure my user space on HD and - just enjoy the new machine. Alas, not all dreams come trough. I expect issues will arise. If you use something of the kit I ordered and would like to share your experience - I would greatly appreciate it! THX! EDIT: I don't know how and why this "ad" thingy came into this post but I am NOT responsible for that! EDIT2: Seems to be gone now. Go figure!
  7. Thanks Rene, valuable tips. Especially the CPU cooler. I think I need to go with 2x8GB RAM, just to be on the safe side. I will try a clean install, since I want to put OS X and Programs on my SSD and the user data on my HD. Thanks again, I really appreciate it! Ski
  8. Skipper

    Cewl new logo!

    Where is the "Cool" button I can press?! :cool: I like it!
  9. Thanks Rene! I already though no one is taking notice. Exactly as i am doing at the moment. I was hoping this might be the thing of the past. I was kinda fan of USB boot stick with all needed stuff on it (long story, involving endless loop with screwed up Chameleon HD config, endig with a complete new installation. For an umpteenth time!) However, I am a friend of clean /S/L/E. And having all those kexts polluting it, is a real nightmare for me. Again, the same thing I already use for my MoBo now. I was hoping there might be more compatible boards out there by now. Wow, firs recommendation fo a board! Thanks for that! Now, silent is a big thing with me and I need two 1920x1200 as well. Cool! So, your GPU sounds promising: second really good information! Merci Buckets! OK, 16GB is what I know I need (Parallels Virtual Machines), 32GB is only if the rest of the machine is not above the budget. I thought this project is dead?! At least that what I understood reading MalD0ns messages. Nice to hear that it's still alive and kickin'. Where? Yup, know it and like it. That's what I hoped to avoid. I wanted to do my first boot with an USB stick and my 10.7.3 HD (ethernet and sound patch already applied in /S/L/E) and move from there (clone my HD to SSD). But a valid proposal. I hope so! Many thanks Rene! Ski
  10. Bump! Nudge! Hey people, I'd really like to hear from you! Even if you do not suggest anything but just have a plain "avoid x board, y cpu or z GPU, it gives trouble" to offer. Any constructive input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Hi all! I was planning to do this ages ago (more than a year) but unfortunately couldn't afford it. Now I can. So, here we go: HackTheMac II should be a complete new machine (the old one in my sig will still be needed). Here are my priorities: - It should be fast, but fast is not the only goal (speed/price ratio is very important) - I am not interested in over clocking, the native speed is all I need (Browsing, eMail, Office, Parallels, Aperture, in order of needs) - It should be quiet, as quiet as possible. Well, even quieter (passive cooling is a "must have") - It should last, I use my machines for a few years (old boards not qualified) - I prefer all additional kexts I might need in my /Extra/Extensions folder and my OS X vanilla (if humanly possible) with no changes in S/L/E - GPU should be supported natively or with the use of GraphicsEnabler=yes in org.chameleon.Boot.plist - Onboard Ethernet should be supported natively or with the use of EthernetBuiltIn=yes in org.chameleon.Boot.plist - Sound - if possible - also natively or with additional kexts in /Extra/Extensions (without changing S/L/E) I was thinking of i7 with 1155 socket, preferably on an GigaByte board (widely available, also in my country. Many versions also have optimized DSDT's all over the place), ATI Radeon GPU with 2xDVI (since natively supported for Mac Pro and I use 2 24 inch displays with 1920x1200 resolution. But ATI's are very expensive. So, I am open for any newer NVIDIA as well. I use one with no issues so far), 16GB RAM (32GB?!), 120GB SSD as a boot device with OS X only (data extra). SATA3 (eSATA, mSATA?) USB3 is OK but not "must have". But there are so many suggestions (and I really read many) for a hackintosh that I am a bit lost. So, I ask you for help. In ideal world I would buy all components, put them together, insert two of my old HD's (boot and TimeMachine) download the optimized DSDT and all kexts I need, put them on my Chameleon stick and boot from it into my old HD with Lion 10.7.3 11D50. With no KP's or any other issues. Everything working. Nice, no? OK, I know we are not living in the ideal world. But what components would come near to my "ideal configuration"? All input will be greatly appreciated!!!! Many thanks! Ski
  12. For all who already had a last dev version (11D50) installed - release is 11D50. Don't bother to download the combo. Also, software update will tell you there is nothing to do.
  13. Hi Skipper,

    as i could read you have the same mobo i have!

    I would like to update to Lion. Still on 10.6.4!

    Is it possible to send me your kexts and DSDT?

    Maybe the Extra Folder with all Files I need?

    Do you boot with KernelKextCache=On and your Files in S/L/E.

    Is it faster?

    Help would be nice!



  14. Hi skipper i also have an D430 running at the moment on SL 10.6.8 and i want to upgrade to Lion , Have you an manual how you install lion on your D430 ?? I am an newbie so please described it the easy way.Thanks..:eek:

  15. Nice! Well, I have my system up and running fine. 10.7.2 11C74 However, the boot takes ages! Like 1'20"! I wonder if there is a way to shorten this? I mean, don't get me wrong: I would like to keep my S/L/E vanilla as it gets, but... Does UserKernelCache=Yes shortens the boot time? And, if so, is there a way to put all my kexts into S/L/E without needing to do that manually and giving them a color to distinguish them from native (vanilla) kexts, just for the sake of simplicity and ease of use?
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