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  1. Hi i just instal a Snow Leopard 10.6.3 on my laptop I use the voodops2 kext but when i restarted after instal only the keybord work but the trackpad didnt . In the proces of instaltion the trackpad work fine i instal the leo with it .I use evry kext from the net and didnt work.Can any one have an idia haw to fix it ps: Before that i instal Lion and there the track pad work but only by replacing manualy the kext. I tried that didnt work
  2. Work for Asus K50ij in Lion but not for Snow Leopard.And in Lion I have to replace them manualy and give me and error that the instaltion wosnt done rith and i have to reinstal ore get an update for the kext,but it work but the error is huge .... I`m using Snow Leopard nothing work for it not this not Voodops2
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