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  1. oh sorry, now my specs are in my signature.Chameleon is installed on a usb stick. going to try your hints, booting is now working. onyl sound is not working
  2. jan

    ALso no sound

    hi , i followed this blog http://aserebln.blogspot.com/ evrything is wokring fine but i dont have sound!!!! some one qho can halp me?? thanks a lot!!!
  3. after drag and drop i'm uunable to boot into mac again shout i repair user permissions?! im now able to boot into ac again but i still have the same problem with shuting down. Also i have no sound now
  4. no havent. i just downloaded the file from psystar but i dont know how to add and where to add. Should i add this kext to teh extra/extansions folder or to the system folder?? thanks
  5. Hi, i juast have one problem. My computer cnat shut down. always when i try i get a grey box " You need to restart your computer". so my computer wont shut down. some suggestions??!! thank you so far
  6. jan

    what about istat

    Is istat working with 10.5.8??
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