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  1. This works great - but is there any way to save the settings across reboots? ?Jeff
  2. Thanks man - worked like a charm! Only one small issue my tilda "~" key is now showing this symbol: "±" And the backwards quotation is showing as this "§" ~Jeff
  3. Any suggestions for getting side scrolling working on a laptop trackpad? It is a synaptics track pad - using the VoodooPS2 driver to power it. Thanks! ~Jeff
  4. OK so I've got my audio working via VoodooHDA. My Microphone is giving me feedback when the speakers are active. The VoodooHDA settings in the control panel are all blank so I can't mute the gain out there. This thread suggested I add the key: <key>iGain</key> <string>0</string> To mute the gain at start up - the only thing I can't figure out is where I am suppose to add this key to so it will take effect. Regards, ~Jeff
  5. That got it working thanks! Having an issue with the feedback over the mic now though - going to open a new thread for it. ~Jeff
  6. So I've got OSX installed on a Sager laptop and in the past I had found a Kext that allowed my audio to work (I used a VoodooHDA one last time). I setup OSX on the same system again and now everything else is working great - but every kext I try for audio is causing kernel panic at startup. The LSPCI line of the audio card is: 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03) Any suggestions for what I can do to get functional audio? Cheers, ~Jeff
  7. Howdy There, When my OSx86 install goes into hibernation it never wakes up, in fact after I press and hold the shut off button I need to boot it with Wake=n for the system to come back online. I was wondering how I can go about disabling all forms of shutdown/standby on OSX? I dug around in the settings panel but didn't see any options for this. ~Jeff
  8. No worries, I continued trying various VoodooHDA versions and I found on that works 2.7.1 ~Jeff
  9. So I have my nvidia GTX260m working with OSX, but Starcraft 2 and my Steam games don't know what the graphics card is under OSX. Is there a way I make the games think I have a compatible card so they will load up? ~Jeff Hoogland
  10. Did the trick thanks. Now another issue has occurred - my voodoohda audio driver was working before the nvidia driver, but now at startup the voodoohda driver causes kernel panic. I've tried 2.7.2 (the latest) and a couple other older versions, but they call cause kernel panic. Any ideas on that one? ~Jeff
  11. Anyone out there have any ideas how I can get this chip working? I did it once before some months ago, but I neglected to write down what I did! Any help would be lovely. ~Jeff Hoogland
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