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  1. erolms

    VMWare Fusion in SL?

    Same here, VMWare 3.0.0 with different BSD, Linux and Windows versions.
  2. @Noobie: to resolve the Bonjour issue look for R1000 64bit kext, it help me the other day.
  3. Maybe you should run memtest (http://www.memtest.org/)? That behaviour is very odd.
  4. Take any of the Asere's DSDT patches and look for DTGP method. Put it anywhere in your DSDT, compile again and off you go. :-)
  5. Check the Asere's blog for step by step guide: http://aserebln.blogspot.com/. In this thread you'll find patched DSDT table for you MoBo. You'll need tops 30 minutes and you'll be up and running with Chameleon. Good luck!
  6. Ceos, you have it placed in Extra/10.6/Extenstions folder, right? Did you check the permissions of the kext? Check Asere's blog how to fix the permissions on the stick. Other solution to this problem is to patch DSDT. Here's the code to look for: FAS0, 2, FAS1, 2 } Add following just after the closing curly bracket: Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized) { If (LEqual (And (ABLN, 0x80000008), 0x80000008)) { Store (Package (0x02) { "device-id", Buffer (0x04) { 0x81, 0x26, 0x00, 0x00 } }, Local0) DTGP (Arg0, Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, RefOf (Local0)) } Else { Store (Buffer (One) { Zero }, Local0) } Return (Local0) } There are two occurrences of the code above - once IDE1 and once IDE2 Device section. Put after both, compile and off you go, no more orange icons. Cheers, erolms
  7. There is a conflict with SleepEnabler.kext you're having on your Chameleon stick. Have a look here for details and solution: http://netkas.org/?p=315. You will need your MBP to fix it. :-)
  8. Ok, seems like it's all good. Just ran a Cinebench test and end up with OpenGL score around 6400. I guess that this is ok for 8800 GTS card.
  9. Update on this issue: works as designed. :-) Current version of Line6 drivers (4.2.5) is not supporting 64bit kernel. Booting into 32bit mode (arch=i386) resolved the issue and I was able to work with it. Does it makes me happy? No.
  10. Hello, I'm having an issue with the speed of the NVidia 8800 GTS G92 card while running SL. In the System Profiler I'm missing Quartz Extreme Supported entry, have a look at the GeForce 8800 SL attached file. Using same Chameleon stick in Leopard all works fine (have a look at GeForce 8800 Lep file). The same behaviour is confirmed with the XBench - "Quartz Graphics Test" is approximately the same but there is a huge difference in "OpenGL Graphics Test" (more than 50% slower in SL) and 15% difference in "User Interface Test". Output in two attached text files. I've tried so far: - putting DSDT entry for my card - removing DSDT entry and using GraphicsEnabler in Boot.plist - putting device-properties from EFISTudio to Boot.plist and disabling GraphicsEnabled Results were always the same - Leopard was better than SL. Any help here is appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Anybody using Line6 HW on SL? I'm kind of having issues with their drivers - POD X3 is not being recognized. Installed the latest (beta) version of the drivers. Maybe a 32/64 bit issue? Any help really appreciated.
  12. Here another "cured" efix user. Personally had no problems running my Leopard with efix module v1.0 but the fact with SL not being supported really pi**ed me off. For a week now I'm running leo with Chameleon 2.0RC3 (after initial DSDT trouble) without any issues. Big thanks to AsereBLN for his efforts supporting this community! Cheers, erolms
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