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  1. No problem, glad to help. If you get your cards to work using that thread, let us know? Thanks, Diz
  2. First try this: http://tinyurl.com/qe4p6o Then try from different browsers, then different computers on different internet connections so you know it's not an issue from your IP or ADSL connection. Other than that, I have no idea. Works perfectly for me. Buona fortuna! Diz. If that doesn't work, post a screenshot here of what you see on your browser. Would help to troubleshoot it.
  3. Ciao giuseppe Bomma's first post of that page didn't come through ok. Try http://aquamac.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=hack1&action=display&thread=569 Post if you get it to work! D
  4. Many thanks, perfect. Now I just have to wade through it and try and follow it! cheers Diz
  5. Hi Bomma, One of the links you posted didn't come through completely. http://aquamac.proboards.com/index.c...lay&thread=569 is missing some text and won't load. Could you post it again? (It's from your post above, here) Many thanks! Diz
  6. Hi all, As always, many thanks for any who take the time to reply. Can anyone help me with my DSDT for Snow Leopard? Here is the DSDT file for my board (all relevant info in my sig). Is there anyway someone would take pity on a newbie and patch my DSDT? This was created under Ubuntu Live CD as per AsereBLN's blogspot instructions. **DJSam posted a DSDT for this board (we have the same one) on the very first page of this thread which works, however, his GPU is a 9800GTX whereas mine is a 9800GT. *EDIT Have added a DSDT taken under Ubuntu with both my GPUs in the machine. Don't know if it makes a difference, but would love a corrected DSDT for both identical GPU cards. Many thanks, Diz
  7. Thank you my friend, I owe you! I really appreciate that you took the time to do that. Will let you know how I get on! (Two small ankle-biters at home so time limited but will get on it!) Cheers, Diz
  8. Thanks all for your replies. The only problem is that I have my machine working with BootThink, but I'm still none the wise as to how to get it up and running with Chameleon. AsereBLN very kindly posted me some links to his HowTo for Chameleon but it still seems very very complicated to me! Can some kind soul help me with getting me up and running for 10.6 on my system with Chameleon? Thanks! Diz
  9. Hi guys I've got a great system running with BootThink (see my sig below for details). I can't get dual graphics cards to work (it boots, but the second card doesn't show up properly in System Profiler (see here and here for screen-shots - the cards are identical but not showing up as such). My question is - does anyone have a rig running dual cards using Chameleon? If so, then it'd be worth my while to figure out how to get my rig working with Chameleon, but if not, I'll stick with BootThink and try and solve it that way. Or if any kind soul knows how to get my dual GPUs working with BootThink that'd be great as well. NB The re-assign PEG1 as primary boot GPU BIOS change that makes them work under EFI-X doesn't work with BootThink. Many thanks for any who take the time to reply! Cheers Diz
  10. DJSam you're a star! Many thanks for your guide. I finally got the time to try this yesterday and it worked like a charm. For any other users following his great guide, I would only add: The CD must be on SATA1 (with the boot hdd on SATA0) for it to work; having it on any other SATA channel and for some reason it showed up in BIOS but wouldn't boot. Other than that, far the easiest Hackintosh I've ever tried. A couple of questions though, to djsam or any charitable folk out there: A) Both GPU cards show up, although they up as different cards, even though they're identical. See here and here for screen grabs - confusing! Even though the second card shows up (listed above the main one in System Profiler), it shows up as "Display" instead of a full name like the main card, and doesn't recognize anything plugged into either of the heads. Weird. I've tried swapping the cards in case it's a hardware issue, same thing. I've tried making PEG1 the primary card in BIOS (makes the card furthest away from the CPU the main card) and plugging my primary two monitors into that one, but OSX just kernel panics a few seconds into booting. (This PEG1 switch was the dual graphics card solution that worked when I had a working EFI-X 1.0 before one of the updates hosed its ability to boot with both cards installed.) Currently BootThink needs a keystroke before it will boot. I've only got one OS installed on there, and would love it to not require interaction. Is this changeable? C) I updated to 10.6.1, which works fine. 10.6.2 hoses the system though; a kernel panic and a complete inability to boot. I restored the previously working 10.6.1 from a CCC copy. (Love those guys) but do you know if there's a way of getting the updated BootThink files for it to work? As before, many many thanks for taking the time to write your guide! cheers all, Diz
  11. Thanks so much for taking the time to write me a guide, I really appreciate it. I have a couple of ankle-biters at home so I won't have any chance to try this over the weekend, but will get down to it next week and let you know if I run into any difficulties. Thanks again, can't wait to try my rig with SL. A couple of quick questions I have on scanning - 3) Installing Bootthink - I presume that I do this on another Mac but install it to my USB stick and not my hard drive as otherwise it would fry my MacBookPro? 4) These kexts are for when I have finished installing SL? And at what point do I copy them to the hard drive? 5) I tried to download the iso but it says the file is set to private download only (file owner only download) could you change it to public download? And the bootthink USB pen will have to stay in the back of my system permanently as a boot device or will it write something to the SL hdd that will allow it to boot? Those are my q's about your kind howto - and also: I know you don't use dual cards, but I was wondering: With my Efi-x system (when it worked with 2 cards) I had to make the lower card (peg 2, furthest from the CPU) the primary card in BIOS and the upper card (peg 1) then ran desktops 3 and 4. I'll reset the system to normal (peg 1 primary) for my SL attempt, and only do it with 1 card - but when I've got that working, I wonder if I should repeat the procedure when trying with both cards, or would it be better to leave it peg 1 primary and try a card in peg2? Or will I perhaps have to do more to SL than just plug in the card and hope they both work? Oh, and if I could have the shirt off your back that would be nice..... :-) Consider yourself bought a virtual pint. Thanks, Diz
  12. Thanks for the links guys. DJSam I've looked through your thread, and I was wondering if there was a more step by step guide that I could follow? AsereBLN's guide looks amazing but I wasn't sure if I need that level of complexity if you've already got the board up and running? Thanks all, Diz
  13. Hi everyone, another jaded efi-er here to join the fold. First post. I guess it's finally time to give up on Efi-x ever releasing an update that will fix my broken system (it won't boot with both graphics cards installed and hasn't since the end of August when 5.7.15 screwed up my dual GPU rig. 5.7.16 fixed the dual head issue but not dual cards (4 heads)). All relevant info is in my sig. below. And in all honesty, I don't think I can trust ASEM to get their updates out in a timely manner, especially when my machine has now not been able to boot with video cards for around 7 weeks. Which means it's time to roll up my sleeves and get busy with Chameleon. Which, to honest, I tried to avoid by buying an Efi-x in the first place. I've seen some great guides for specific motherboards & hardware, but while there seem to be some other great generic guides I don't really know how to even start thinking about getting my specific hardware to boot Snow Leopard with Chameleon (which I should say here is my goal - given that my Efi-x 1.0 will never boot SL but Chameleon will work for me or so I understand). Are there any guides that moight tell me how to start the process? Any other info that might help me? I'm technical, I've been taking apart PCs for 20 years and been dealing with Windows for about as long and while DOS command syntax comes easily to me, I haven't had much experience in Terminal. Or with the guts of OSX. So, any kind souls got any recommendations for me? Many thanks! Diz.
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