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  1. hello?mackie100. i report bugs in?KernelAndKextPatches section. if i want to AsusAICPM is disable, i uncheck it in clover configurator. but clover bootloader recognized AsusAICPM is enable. KernelPM too. because if i disable AsusAICPM, clover configurator is delete AsusAICPM Entry. if AsusAICPM entry is deleted, Clover Bootloader recognized AsusAICPM is enbable. KernelPM too. ? thanks in advance
  2. Version 10.10 DP1


    for lapic fix plz report for me
  3. long time no see donovan6000 i'm so busy in some months it's work in 10.9 thanks??
  4. long time no see. donovan still our patcher is good working. i'm in 10.8.4 but i'm not test maverick. i confirm to work in your blog. you're genius man. hp users stressed by insyde20 bios for long time. but you finished all limits. good!!
  5. hello donovan. what are you use hp laptop model? how about fix tool rgb hdmi port ? i know similar modified hex code.
  6. sherlocks

    ApleHDA ALC270

    @mirone i need applehda.kext for alc270 do you plan to make new patched applehda.kext?
  7. it seem to be not update mountain lion. end of update progress show fail. log. / locked; waiting for lock. Lock acquired; proceeding. Kernel file /mach_kernel does not contain requested arch: i386 BJUSBLoad.kext - no dependency found for com.apple.kernel.libkern. BJUSBLoad.kext is missing dependencies (including anyway; dependencies may be available from elsewhere) BJUSBLoad.kext - no dependency found for com.apple.kernel.libkern. kxld[com.apple.driver.AppleUSBBluetoothHCIController]: The vtable 'vtable for AppleUSBBluetoothHCIController' is malformed. Make sure your kext has been built against the correct headers. Link failed (error code 5). Prelink failed for com.apple.driver.AppleUSBBluetoothHCIController; aborting prelink. Failed to generate prelinked kernel. can you fix this problem?
  8. @paranoid1 i have a question. before i use 10.8.1. i had updated 10.8.2. but end of progress is fail update. i hear to related iobluetoothfamily.kext. did you have a problem to updated 10.8.2?
  9. @paranoid1 good working. i appreciate to you
  10. @paranoid1 really thanks i try
  11. i have a ar9285 wifi + bluetooth 3.0 comebo sometime bluetooth driver is not load. i use IOath3kfrmwr.kext. i downloaded iobluetoothfamily.kext other site. i'm not sure to include modfied code.
  12. thanks. good work. also do you make bluetooth moudule injector ? i modified iobluetooth.kext update.
  13. @donovan6000 i saw to many similar hex code line but i found lapic fix line. so i succesed fix. thanks donovan6000
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