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  1. korlione2006


    Version 1.0


    iB{censored}-1.4a Use SmbiosViewer from shell
  2. ?? ???, ???????? ???(??? 08.0.4) ? ????????? ????? ????? ? ??????????? ???????? ?? ??? ??????-?? ??????????? ????????

  3. Version 1.0


  4. Version 1.0


    ????? ?????????, ?????? ??? ?????? ??? ???????. (The new loader loads all versions without any problems.)This software is courtesy of The Hermit Crab Labs Copyright ? 2010 DuetToHdd for OSX, Install DUET to your HDD. Patching is done based on DumpBs.efi NOTE: We are writing here to the Master Boot Record and Partition Boot Record of the given Harddisk. This can lead to a NON-BOOTING-SYSTEM if something goes wrong. I don't take any responsibility to data-loss or un-bootable systems. In case you don't agree you must not run this tool. DuetToHdd must be run as root. Usage: sudo ./DuetToHdd DiskIdentifier Efildr Sample: sudo ./DuetToHdd /dev/rdisk0s1 ./Efildr20 After a successful patch you may copy Efildr to the target partition and unmount it to write the changes. Version Log: 0.1a: First alpha version for testing and bug reporting purposes. As of now we can just install to MBR partitioned Disks with first partition as target. 0.1a2: Added support for creating bootable USB sticks with specifying usb argument. Sample: ./DuetToHdd usb /dev/rdiskXs1 Efildr20 * X = the disk number (e.g. 1-2-3-4-etc.)
  5. korlione2006


    Version 1.0


    DSDT fixes: all warnings and error from the original Gigabyte DSDT BIOS CMOS corruption under Snow Leopard USB-Device-Removal-Warning upon wakeup from Sleep for the EHCI ports UID of the PCI0 device to make the Chameleon GFX & Ethernet auto detection work missing "built-in" property for the ethernet ports to make Timemachine working (disabled per default) fixes Audio for mainboards with a Realtek 889A chip (disabled per default) ICH10R USB device-id patch for all P35 and EP35 mainboards Powerbutton fix. If enabled in Preferences pushing the Powerbutton puts the computer to sleep The download contains: DSDT.aml - fixed & patched & compiled DSDT. Ready to use!
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