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  1. Ok, I stopped the Psystar so far. Whats wrong with it to use it for a backup and to make the stick? I am gonna format all drives after that anyways and do a fresh install of Snow and Win7. Your guide and Aseres guide are awesome, BUT they require access to a mac. I don't have a mac, I don't know anyone within 150 miles that owns a mac and would let me use it. The only Mac I ever had was my Efi-x partition. Without this problem I would not have asked my silly questions in the first place. Once I got my stick I will happily use Chameleon.
  2. Now for the Psystar thing: I'll give it a shot. Thanks for the tip!
  3. Well, I tried bootthink, but something didn't work out. I told it to install to the USB drive but I think it didn't and instead went to the MBR or somewhere. Also the installation dialogue was just one question (where to put it) and not several (like what to boot first and stuff). When I choose "boot from USB stick" in my bios, it fails completely. But when I choose the XP partition, it offers a small windowsstyle dialogue where I can choose between bootthink and xp. Bootthink however leads to a kernel panic of Leo. So I put the dsdt for my mobo and several kexts from some other source on the stick, but I don't really understand how this all works. Is it reading the stick during boottime? Does it refer Leo to the stick? (But it is installed under XP and formatted that way, fat32 or so. So maybe Leo can't read it?) The pdf of bootthink is as usual: all I need is absent and all that is written is only useful for people who already know. Typical help file. I share your caveat about the root kit possibility of bootthink, but I currently have no interesting data on this machine and once I manage to build a SL Chameleon bootstick and make a complete backup of the most recent files and emails I want to switch from L to SL and from XP to WIN7 respectively with a clean chameleon install.
  4. Thanks for your answers! I have been really busy unfortunately and just get around to address the problem tonight. djsam: thanks for the advice! I downloaded (and studied the readme) bootthink and then went on to download your links, but they were broken. Did I mess up something or did they timeout in four days? It seems the best method to me as far as I understand. Schlamasseliese
  5. Thanks djsam! Looks like a nice bootloader. But I am not totally clear on how you mean it. If I install that my Leopard will still not think that my machine is a mac. So it won't start.. right? Thanks snapper! If I understand this right, iAtkos is a modified leopard dvd that is already hacked. This might really work on an external hdd. I'll read up on it during the weekend. Thanks blackdir! I have no idea either. I'll have to check what the T stands for.
  6. Damnit!! My Efi-x is toast and what to do now? I found this forum and it seemed all too easy – until I realized that DSDT does not mean Deutschland sucht den Superstar. It seems there is no new DSDT for my Motherboard Gigabyte GA EP 45 T Extreme, right? And even if there were one, all the guides seem to demand a mac as a platform for operation (such as formatting the USB stick, running the editors and stuff. Needless to say, my mac is toast, because my Efi-x is toast. The next mac-person I know well enough to get access to his mac lives 200 km away. Great. Is there a guide with a windows base? Or a way to kickstart my mac so that it runs on flat tires but can be used to proceed? All I want at the moment is to get my Leopard installation to run again. To sum up: Is there a guide with a windows base? Is there a trick to get my Leopard limp a little so that i can use it as a base of operation? If not: are there workarounds, for example of how to format a USB stick with a mac format under windows? I really appreciate some orientation! Schlamasseliese
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