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  1. You proved my point. I still don't get why some of the chameleon hackintosh people are on a efix user group going after anyone who uses efix and the efix company (quite viciously). It is efix users, isn't it? I do apologize for upsetting you, but I don't get some of your angers at efix and it's users. My opinion is morte of a complaint against fanaticism, that have to attack anyone who thinks different.(Certainly not everyone is in this.) I've had to put up from flames from Linux users, windows users and mostly the apple community. Enough, time to speak up, arrogance and flaming are bad for the community! Cooperation and respect are what matters, not ego. I have read enough posts from users who come for help and get flamed. I guess you are self righteous and anyone who flames back or doesn't like your attacks are the enemy. Too many angry people, it's made me angry too. But I will say I'm sorry for saying you are like "apple nazis", you are a different people all together. So I'll let people know that if they come here expect some nastiness from some of you and don't dare express an opinion, if it's not in keeping with some peoples creed. Good luck to you anyway.
  2. I have everything required. A nice shiney v1.1 updated to 7.11.17 A great Intel dx58 so board (supported) etc. When I try to clean install (from retail snow leopard dvd) it goes well until reboot. After reboot the install DOESN'T finish. I've tried this loop several times. (I have only the target disk (formatted apple and blank) and the dvd.) I also tried installing using a mac pro book, it would install and boot to snow leopard, but the HD when put in my machine would ask for reboots and then nothing. What is the problem? Expresshd stopped answering my emails, so I'm hopping that efi-x or some users can help. Is there a solution? Do I have to wait for the next update? Please no comments from the HackinTosh crowd, you seem to be as arrogant as Apple users and I'm not interested in Chameleon etc (why are you even on a EFI-X USERS forum and why do the moderators allow them to plug up this forum?). I use an Efi-x chip and that is what I want the solutions for.
  3. I've been through this site's forums and am very confused. Why, if you hate efix so much would you join a site named "efix users"? So you can flame anyone who uses efix? What character flaw does this expose. Great you're happy with chameleon, but why the mission of letting everyone know how superior you are and how much you HATE the efix community. I'm new and trying to find answers, for a snow leopard install and all my searches get these self righteous posts from chameleon users. Take your propaganda elsewhere. In my mind there is no difference between you and the "Apple Nazis" who go around with their nose in the air trying to make everyone feel inferior, because they are not using a God blessed Mac. Get a life, and live and let live. Okay flame on.........
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