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  1. If you want to boot UEFI, then you don't want CLOVERX64.efi but BOOTX64.efi, similarly you will need some drivers in drivers64_UEFI folder as well. Check out Clovers main site. Clover - Project OS X Forums
  2. Post a DarwinDump, may be able to supply SSDT that goes from 4.2 to 42X;)


    What happened to r1973??
  4. That's a new one on me, probably good idea to run Xcode IDE first, and agree, or do as kyndder suggested and download compiled version.
  5. Checkout System Image Utility, it is part of server.It will do what you want and then some
  6. I really can't see Apple making the Installl un-encrypted, meaning that no FakeSMC is needed.Something very strange going on here.Good work with your guides etc....
  7. Contrary to popular opinion, you STILL need FakeSMC.kext, put it into /EFI/kexts/10.8.The spinning beachball is because DSMOS has NOT arrived...
  8. Be an idea to post a description of what this does and what it is for.
  9. Version 1.0


    Just a little script file that downloads latest Acpica source (iasl etc) from github and compiles it. Unzip into folder, double click it. Must have Developer tools etc installed.
  10. Please read this "slowly" as I can't type very "fast"

  11. Extract the DSDT and apply the patch and use the DSDT
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