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  1. 10.8.4 System frozen,after opening hardware monitor.
  2. It sleeps fine for me,but it teaks about 100 seconds to weak,anybody knows fix ?
  3. Version 1.0


    DSDT.aml for Asrock Z77 extrema 4 added hdmi audio for intel on board HD2500 grafics
  4. @prosaca It shoud work,but it doesn't work. Editing script didnt help,screan after whte gous to blue,and back to white screen.If i unplug one screen the other gets normal picture,but when i conect tht othare screan system freses. 1 screan works,2 screans no.
  5. Single display works fine,but dual displays doesn't work. ./fb-rotate -d 1 -r 90 ./fb-rotate -d 1 -r 0 adding this didn't help for me, xfx 7950
  6. xfx 7950,10.8.3 It works,THANKS
  7. mahkoooo4455

    ati 7000 kext

    xfx 7950,10.8.3 White screan,this is not working.
  8. Not working for me,with (ATI7000Controller.kext) system is nost starting. When i remove (ATI7000Controller.kext) system starts in low rez(1024 X 7689). any suggestions,Thenks. osx 10.8.3 xfx 7950 16 GB RAM core i5 3450
  9. Not working on asrock Z77 extreme 4( m.lion 10.8.2). System frases.
  10. http://www.osx86.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=2662 http://www.osx86.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=3253 What is your bios wersion,dsdt and bios version are linckd together ?
  11. @Here To Help 0 erors,you MUST update your bios to wersion 2.20.
  12. Works thanks mountin lin 10.8.2 asrock z77 extreme4 ,ivy bridge
  13. @regae some amd and nvidia vga cards hdmi audio aded. Hdmi dsdt petch is not my work,so i cannot guarantee for intel hdmi audio.
  14. Os boots much faster from 40 sec to 10, sec on my ssd.HDMI audio aded -From som grafics card. And beter os stabilty. Use et your on risk. Sory for my bad english.
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