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  1. Hey LionMY, Thank you for this link! The SleepEnabler works perfectly on my ASUS P5K31-VM/S (MEDION) running OS X Mountain Lion (Released version) which was installed yesterday. Disk sleep timer was set to 3 minutes with tick marks on Put hard disks to sleep when possible and Allow power button to put the computer to sleep. May be you can try again with the release version of OS X ML. Good luck! Core2 Duo 2.67 GHz EVGA Geforce 8400GS Asus P5K31-VM/S ALC 662 (used voodoo 2.7.4) RTL8111/8168B Gigabit Ethernet
  2. this works for me on Medion PC with ASUS P5K31-VM/S (N10/ICH7 Family High Definition Audio) Just added the lines below in VoodooHDA.kext/Contents/info.plist and rebuild system kext caches using Kext Wizard. The guide above is really useful. Now, I'm currently running Mac OS 10.8.0, Mountain Lion GM. THANK YOU SO MUCH! IOPCIMatch 0x27d88086
  3. Get in touch soon. I'll send you the audio kexts that work with my hardware.



  4. At last!!!!!... This one works with LION 10.7.4 (Build 11E53), ASUS P5K modified to P5KR Bios. System Preferences- Sound Output shows Line OUT, HEADPHONES, DIGITAL OUT. Sound Input shows LINE IN and LINE OUT. ALL WORKING PERFECTLY! NO INTERFERENCE OR STATIC SOUND. THANK YOU SO MUCH UPLOADER, TWISTED!
  5. Great! This works with ASROCK P67 Extreme4 with the following: Kernel Flags pmVersion=23
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