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  1. Hi! you send this message:"Need kext for Device ID: 0x27a2 on 10.6.7. Thanks !!!" ...you found this? I need this too

  2. I think the kexts are not the problem, maybe something wrong with chameleon bootloader or dsdt ( I have no idea how to patch it), like I said it work fine on 10.6, but not after upgrade to 10.6.7 and still using the same kexts...
  3. I already tried these kexts but no luck, I got no kernel panic after kext restore but boot hangs up at differente places everytime....
  4. I got kernel panic after these.....
  5. Hi, I got no QE/CI on my vanilla system, I did have it after 10.6 installation, but gone after upgrade to 10.6.7 and kexts restored. Intel 945 0x27a2. Thanks
  6. Ok, so, I got tired of this issues and decided to try to do it all over again, I erased the entire HDD, install SL on GPT and free space as FAT32, then I switch from GPT to MBR, delete the FAT32 and made another 2, one NTFS and one FAT32, install Win7 and config dual boot, and NOW everything works ok... SL can see both partitions. I still have the video issue.... and yes, I have no QE/CI, because these do not work, flash, iMovie, Front Row, cool effects on dashboard, etc... so, in this matter I still need some help...
  7. I already tried before and I got same results, but I figure out later QE/CI was already enabled and I was not the problem. I ran Xbench and Quartz Test was perfect, but on OpenGL the image test window frozze on black but did finish the test and shown results... So I guess the problem is OpenGL, how can I solve this ???
  8. I think it is a problem with QE/CI, because frontrow does not work, I only get a black screen but no crash or panic, BUT dashboard work OK adding/deleting/using widgets, so I tried all methods known to enable it and all I get is the same laggy video...
  9. Try my way, its really simple, find my other posts, the one with the gma950 and partition trouble and read it.
  10. Man, you seem to have bigger problems than me ... =P
  11. Hi, I install 10.6 using retail DVD and D620SLV1.iso Boot CD on my notebook HP DV1660ca, Core Duo, 2Gb Ram, 250Gb HDD, Intel GMA950. First, I boot using the CD the SL Installation with -x, formated my HDD with GPT HFS+ and FAT32 for the rest, after finished, reboot still using CD on my HDD SL partition, also still with -x, after OS loaded correctly, use the postinstallation tool on CD (it install chamaleon and needed kexts), and again, reboot. After this SL work like a charm, I only have to work minor details (audio, wifi, etc...) At this point VIDEO was flawless. I proceded to install Win7 and configure dualboot. Everything OK. Back on SL, I can not see the NTFS and FAT32 I created previosly on Win7 installation, only I can see on Disk Utility a single FAT32 partition not mountable. I need to mention, on Win7 Installation have 3 primary partitions, one EFI FAT32, the SL HFS+ and the FAT32 created before on SL installation (needed this last one at that moment to fill the HDD free space so SL could create some MBR stuff on my GPT disk so Win7 could be installed). I erase the FAT32 because the Win7 needed to create 2 more primary partitions and you know the 4 primary partiton rule on MBR... At this moment I have 4 primary partitions, EFI FAT32, SL HFS+, Boot NTFS, Win7 NTFS and some free space... On Win7 I installed partition magic and convert Win7 NTFS from primary to logical so I could make another logical extended FAT32 partition from free space left so I could share stuff from between OS's. No sign of the Win7 NTFS and Data FAT32 partition on SL, but I do see external NTFS and FAT32 drives. On SL I backup my S/L/E and kernel, upgrade to 10.6.7 with combo update, reboot using BootCD with -x, restore S/L/E and kernel, and reboot again. This time everything works OK also, but still internal HDD partitions other than SL HFS+ and the same phantom unmountable FAT32 on Disk Utility are not to be found and the video seems to work with slow or poor performance, small videos play almost ok, HD like crap, safari crashes all the time, desktop effects are really slow, etc... seems like all Video hardware acceleration stuff runs like crap, I already try several video kexts and they all work the same, only poor video performance.... but dual screen, resolution, etc... works ok. So, I m stucked at this moment with crappy video and no internal HDD NTFS and FAT32 partitions. I m no expert, only experienced on my system specs. Seriously, I need help.
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