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  1. monyet


    Version 1.0


    asus notebook n53s ,this base dsdt to install mt lion 10.8.2
  2. try to not select too many patch at first, asus nvidia graphic won't work on lion, stick with intel hd built in. just choose essentials kext, like Acpi kext, fakesmc kext, ps2controller kext, and alc269/voodohda audio kext.
  3. you can use the file from usb_booter to any of your chameleon installation. try Chameleon Wizard to install chameleon bootloader.
  4. hi. sorry for late reply. i read your post on the forum thread so i assume the message here not valid anymore because i see you make progress, so congrats and thanks for using my files.

    my hackintosh is good except camera n bluetooth (i don't try it to work). and trackpad not so 'apple'.

    keep post in forum thread if you got any new finding..good luck.

  5. to boot from usb, just install chameleon on a usb and then put 'usb_booter' files into it. and then set your bios to but from that usb -->chameleon --> lion.
  6. there is a read me.txt included,but ,well: put 'mac_root_folder' files into root of Lion installation (laptop). then, get a usb, install Chameleon boot loader into that usb, and the put 'usb_booter' files into it. boot your asus laptop with that usb (hit 'del' on asus bios boot screen, select your usb as boot device), after chameleon load, select your Lion installation.
  7. Hello, i saw you added boot files for Asus N53SV - did you get your Asus work as hackintosh? Can you suggest how to make it work! I'm trying it for 5 days with no results. Last was N{censored}12495 Lion 10.7.2 - it installs succefully, but after restart i stuck on screen "Before You begin... and it's searching wireless mouse or trackpad :( can't get further - i attached USB mouse - it's not working! Can you please help me? Maybe i should use another installation DVD? HELP!

  8. i don't use iAtkos, i did retail Lion install, so i wouldn't know exactly about the error..but i guess you need to click 'customize' before proceed with install button . Nvidia is hard to configure, but Intel HD give you just fine graphic.
  9. asus n53sv lion boot files - Downloads - OSx86.net
  10. Version 1.0


    files for lion osx installation on asus n53sv , audio and wifi kexts not included but those are easy to get..good luck
  11. i don't understand chinese...dooouhh.. wo pu ce tao....help..!!
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