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  1. Hi? ? i have installed El capitan on my shuttle SZ77R5 bij using clover (on usb). installed it ok after instal i installed clover on SSD and now booting from SSD ? but i can t get bluetooth working and my screen flashing something with Nvidia drivers? i use normally 2 screens one HDMI other DVI? now only DVI is working it looks like Full HD but it is flashing a lot when i visit some websites the use graphics ? Can someone please help me with this? ? I Have? ? GPU?Asus GeForce GT 610 2048 MB Prosessor 3770 i7 Ivy Bridge?
  2. ? Where can i find serie number on my Asus laptop working on Yosemite will it work with Yosemite? thanksss
  3. No Thanks ;=) strange thing is that i have it disabled in bios but not working! when i use dart=0 is is working! strange!
  4. Solved it i only must use dart=0 and booting correct ;=)
  5. GPU in bios is on Auto it is always soo i use it with mavericks and ML i have VT Disabled ? Noting works for me ;=(
  6. ? Strange it not work out of the box i did the instal 10 times now, how can i see what bootlags i need ? because i use my org.plist from mavericks (Boots Great) so that are the same bootflags? yes i have SMBios.plist powermac 8.2 is that correct? ? GPU in bios is on AUTO that always works for me with mavericks also mountain lion and lion ? somthing els i can try?
  7. Thanks i did it with a clean install but not working same error ?;=( ? strange is that mavericks is working
  8. Great news what bootlags do you use to boot it?
  9. Hi ? I installed Yosemite on my SZ77R5 i use the Geforce GT 610 Card because i use 2 screens (HDMI and DVI) using in for the studio i installed Yosemite with using U{censored} 5.0.2 ? when i try mi first boot it gives? MISSING BLUETHOOT CONTROLLER TRANSPORT ? i can boot if i use -v -x? ? I don't use Folder Extra right now it is a clean install i have folder Extra from Mavericks (Working great) but i don't use it for Yosemite ? Anny Help??
  10. Can somebody tell my if yosemite is working on GT610 and GT630 Graphics card i have 2 systems one with Asus GT 610 and other with Asus GT 630?
  11. Hey Rene Als ik dit doe op me Asus laptop met 10.8.3 dan moet imessages weer werken? heb het gedaan maar werkt nog niet helaas
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