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  1. ? Edit: Did some research and as I suspected, its a Yosemite DP7 bug. ? Please READ THE RELEASE NOTES when using beta software.
  2. ? iKexts does NOT delete any kexts. It only moves existing kexts (if found) to the backup folder and moves the new one in its place.?
  3. Version 2.0


    A fast and simple kernel extension (kext) installer made specifically to comply with Apple's guidelines for installing kexts on Mac OS X 10.9+ (according to Apple's developers' documentation). Use at your own risk!!
  4. Dr Hurt


    Could you please compile a version with ONLY_SATA_0 flag for people using a single hard-drive.? ? It saves 9 seconds during start up.? ? Thanks.
  5. +1 for adding the new chameleon options.
  6. Working perfectly fine in 10.9GM, however this is a very old version of AppleHDA. (2.3.7) Could you please patch the latest version from 10.9GM?
  7. Could someone please patch the 10.9GM kext for ALC662. Thanks in advance
  8. I was talking about your WiFi card. You wrote in your post that its an atheros wlan card so I wanted to know wheather its the original card that came with your laptop or if its a new card you installed. As for your problem, try deleting AppleUSBXHCI.kext from inside the IOUSBFamily.kext/contens/plugins. Also, boot in safe mode (-x -f -v)
  9. Did your system come with an Atheros AR9285 or did you get that card separately? Is so, did the BIOS whitelist cause problems?
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