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  1. You still need smbios.plist for a custom model name, identifier, boot rom and seriall number. If you are pleased with a default ones (the one you saw when booting without smbios.plist - macpro3,1 SOMESRLNMBR, etc) than you don't need smbios.plist.
  2. The initial post also says : You have to remove all info about memory from your smbios.plist to allow the booter to automaticaly read and inject that info. You can leave your smbios.plist in place, but delete the lines about the memory from it. Also That means that if you specify a smbios.plist file in your com.apple.Boot.plist, you have to specify it by full path. If you don't specify nothing about a certain file, the one in the default location ( /Extra ) will be automaticaly loaded (your DSDT.aml or your smbios.plist from /Extra directory will be automaticaly loaded always if you don't specify anything in com.apple.Boot.plist ). This is the normal and intendeed way of operation of the booter. Hope it clarifies.
  3. updated on the day it came out. not a single issue with this one. my system is running stable as a rock as id did with all other releases. thank you, asere. p.s. now i figured out why i wasn't having the font kerning issue with 1.1.7: i was using boot without a theme built-in.
  4. After playing a little bit with my DSDT, upgrading to your last version and setting systemtype=3, restart and shutdown works flawlessly without any kext. No i'm using only fakesmc on my rig. Excelent booter, asere, thank you again for your work. Now, do you think it's possible to incorporate patches for atom processor from meklort (http://www.meklort.com/?p=132) so I can use your booter on my netbook?
  5. Yes, I'm using version 1.1.6. My mainboard is a Biostar TP45D2-A7 ( http://www.biostar.com.tw/app/en/t-series/introduction.php?S_ID=368 ). I found a lot of similarities between this one and the ASUS ones, I'm using a lot of fixes from ASUS MB threads. Anyway, the booter is working great for me. It gives me a fast and stable sistem, with a clean boot log, wich I apreciate a lot (keep up the good work). Memory information is only esthetic and the restart fix isn't too much of a problem, cause I restart or shutdown at most once at two weeks. P.S. Excuse my english.
  6. Yes, the photos were made with version 1.1.6 of your booter (wich by the way is the reason I joined this forum, and I'm glad to find here a lot of quality people). My mainboard is a BIOSTAR TP45D2-A7. I've used a some DSDT fixes on it, a lot taken from the ASUS models, with wich it resembles. But the DSDT shutdown fix from mm67 doesn't wotk for me (it gives a lot of compile errors, wich I don't know how to fix). Anyway, this are small problems, as I restart or shutdown at most once a week, maybe even less. I apreciate much more a good booter, wich gives me a stable sistem, as yours do. Keep up the good work.
  7. Here are mine too. Memory speed is detected, but no serial number and type (it is a 1066 mhz DDR2 Zeppelin). I cannot post a cpu-z report as i don't have windows any more. The restart fix is not working,i'm still using OSXRestart.kext v1.5 for restart. But this problems (restart and memory info) don'tbother me, I consider tour work to be an excelent one. Thank you for it, Asere.
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