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  1. genzai

    DP3 USB Files

    BE ADVISED: This is obsoleted by the latest MB{censored}. Just use the USB 3.0 drivers included there instead.
  2. genzai

    DP3 USB Files

    This is specifically FOR the final build
  3. genzai


    Well got a copy of the DP3 AppleUSBAudio kext and packaged it with the same 2 kexts from this post.http://www.osx86.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=3001Thanks JohnJ and other for figuring this out. By adding the audio kext my USB audio devices work again.
  4. genzai

    DP3 USB Files

    Version 1.0


    Here are the 2 USB kext files from DP3 needed to get USB 3.0 PXHCD kext working in ML. Also included is the AppleUSBAudio.kext from DP3 as well. This fixes the issue of USB audio devices not working if you only install the other two kexts in final ML. Thanks to the original poster for figuring this out. I just hunted down and added the audio kext to improve the workaround. Cheers, g\
  5. genzai


    Hi,Thanks for this as it revived my etron usb 3.0 ports. However like the fellow who posted about his Bose system, my USB audio devices are also disabled now. Can you please post the (i assume) DP# version of AppleUSBAudio.kext that will match these USB kexts? I imagine that will resolve the problem until new 10.8 compatible Lacie USB drivers come out.
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