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  1. imick

    Bug thread

    I didn't saw the 'source' field, my mistake. Thanks for your reaction.
  2. imick

    Bug thread

    Option to give 'credits' is removed from the downloads section... You can't add the original creator anymore.. ? A lot of (hackintosh) developers require that you mention their name and url.
  3. Looks way better. I love IP.Board compared to VBulletin :-). ? Will Hackintosh.nl be updated also?
  4. Please add credits and source!
  5. Congratulations Cluless! You deserved it!
  6. No problem schmatzosx ;-). I'm glad you have read my guide and did not just reject it, because I aren't using much images. (which isn't needed, when you are clear ).
  7. Good work Cluless! For the other people, you can just give feedback. It is always nice to have feedback on your guide, so you could improve it. I'm now working on an Mountain Lion AMD guide! . Maybe someone would like to help test my files? (PM please)
  8. Excuse me? If you are calling myHack a (pirated) distribution, I think you don't know what you are talking about... myHack uses the official "Install Mountain Lion" application, that an users needs to buy from the App Store. And it is as vanilla as restoring it yourself, however less work. (and better for the kernel cache). That is why I'm using myHack in my guide! EDIT: Nice, I see you just understand it .
  9. Nice contest John! However, I'm a little bit disappointed about the amount of submissions.. I thought there would be many more. It sucks that I'm now in my exam period, so it is just a quick guide. Planning on writing about AMD also.
  10. I will be sending my submission tonight.
  11. Version 1.0


    Used in this guide: http://www.osx86.net/home/427-hackintosh-guide-laptops-oem-desktops.html It can only be used with this systems: Compatibility Page Have a look at the documentation, before using it!
  12. Nope, you can't with DSDT. If that was possible, I would have said it ;-). What I've described it the only possibility.
  13. Sorry. The best method is to put the nVidia card out in BIOS. When that is not possible or when you use it in Windows, then you need to patch your DSDT. When you put the nVidia GFX off in DSDT, your battery will last longer!
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