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  1. wich bootloader works for me if i recently updated to 10.6.7? thanks in advanced.
  2. sure you can go this is a few steps you might take before u start 1st as always bkp ur files boot whit any distro 10.6.x any of your choice once you're in the setup only choose the installers that matches all your hardware must check compatibility first then when the setup is complete if you get kernel panic the 1st time don't worry keep trying or try booting whit the flags -x v arch=i386 bustatio=20 anyways u could find more info if you read more posts btw if you have questions u can post in this page remember tho post in the correct forum K? u can contact me by chat also reinhardt16@hotmail.com reinhardt16@gmail.com good hackintoshing!!
  3. i have this line when booting WARNING: ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin - getCPUIDInfo unknown CPU family: family 0xf, model 0x6b -- power management may be incomplete or unsupported i think its because of the openhaltrestar.kext i don't know but i suppose this how can i fix this what can i do i also suppose that its for nullappleintelcpu got too many doubts i've already installed openhaltrestart kept but whit no success can anyone help me out thanks hey molni here's the sleepenabler 10.6.7 right? http://www.kexts.com/view/1057-sleepenabler_for_os_x_10.6.7_darwin_10.7.0-10.7.1.html
  4. HI! im looking fer " OpenHaltRestart.kext fer 10.6.7 " cant find it yet or which one i can use? thanks in advanced
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