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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Full package for the most Gigabyte z170 motherboards. Possible working with h170, but not tested. Tested on 10.12 and 10.12.2. Possible working with other versions of Sierra. This is a clover package with some required drivers and kexts. THIS IS NOT A BOOT IMAGE!!! You need to make your own clover boot and overwrite it with my files or copy only the kexts and the driver folders into your boot partition. What this package fix: - Everything (seriously) Kexts: - Fix the both (if you have) ethernet port (Intel and Killer) - Fix the basic sound with VoodooHDA (green, purple, front panel and HDMI sound) - Latest FakeSMC and modules - Disable AppleHDA Clover config: - iMac14.2 - Unlock the USB ports limit - Fix restart shutdown and sleep/wake I don't remember for the other problem, but I'm sure it's already fixed.
  2. AMD Radeon GPU Injector tool

    When I install this or your older package for clover I've got a mouse cursor on the boot screen and spinning lines under the apple logo and I always stuck here with Clover ? your older 1.9 package with chameleon working fine for me ? did I miss something in clover settings?
  3. ATI Radeon R9 270 (Yosemite 10.10)

    perfect for ASUS R9 270 OC but it looks like the AMD kexts updated in 10.10.1 ? can you release this modified kexts for 10.10.1?
  4. Version v1


    Hello, I'm searching for a long time to how can I fix the "white screen with a spinning cursor" problem after 10.9.2 or 10.9.3 and finally found it. Not everyone have this problem after update, so only use this if you have it. Just replace the attached kexts (it's from 10.9.1) and repair permission. Tested with bronya 10.9.2 rc6 and rc7 kernels Enjoy
  5. VoodooHDA for Mavericks

    ALC892 - random kernel panic on boot and bad gaming performance
  6. we need to add System.kext too?