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  1. Hello everybody! ? Since yesterday I got a weird problem after upgrading my Chameleon to the latest version (v2334) and after a restart my bootloader isn't loading anymore. It is stuck at the stripe spinning (it is staying horizontal) and the blinking horizontal stripe. So I grabbed my backup usb sticks (chameleon/chimera/clover), all tested working with my system. But now only the clover bootloader is working. ? Okay, let's try some older versions. Chameleon v2334 - X Chameleon v2327 - X Chameleon v2286 - X Chameleon v2269 - X Chimera v2.0.1 - X Chimera v2.1.2 - X Chimera v2.2.1 - X All not working, all stuck on the (not) spinning stripe. ? Also I've reset my BIOS to defaults and configure setting for setting to the needed ones, also not working. ? Please can someone help me? ? ? Specs: Asus P8Z77 m pro Intel 3570K (stock speeds) 2x8Gb DDR3 1333mhz Asus GTX 770
  2. Hey everybody, ? Today I bought an sitecom cn-524 bluetooth 4.0 adapter (CSR8510 A10 chip) as it should be supported on Mac/Hackintosh. But after plugging it in no bluetooth device is detected, but I can see my adapter in system information. Can someone help me? ?
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