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  1. I don't use Clover, but according to the clover wiki -x is a valid flag. ? Maybe you have to do something else before you can enter boot arguments.
  2. Not necessarily. He could use a patched AppleIntelPIIATA.kext and/or the ATA injector kexts that come with the Chameleon bootloader.
  3. It's supported up to (and including) 10.6.2 AFAIK.
  4. Go here for more information: http://netkas.org/?p=465
  5. Mac video cards have EFI instead of a BIOS and your PC doesn't know what that is. You cannot use a Mac video card on a PC unless you reflash the BIOS on it with a BIOS from a PC video card, and by then it will be just a PC video card so...pointless. Both DVI, VGA and analog TV-out work fine on my 9800GTX+. I have some problems with hotplugging but apart from that all three outputs are fully working (heads up; unlike in Windows, the OS X Nvidia drivers can only support two active outputs at the same time per video card). I haven't tried HDMI, I have no devices with HDMI inputs. I think the problem is with HDCP. HDMI might work if you use some sort of DVI to HDMI adapter rather than a dedicated HDMI output. Unless of course the monitor somehow requires HDCP present for it to accept a HDMI signal. I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case for some monitors/TVs. Some people have reported working HDMI when injecting the BIOS from a 8800 GT (or is it 8600 GT?) video card. There's an active thread about that in the Snow Leopard post-installation sub forum on InsanelyMac. To get the DVI port working properly you need to inject correct NVCAP and display-cfg values (this is important!! If you have some random values injected and it's half-working, you've been lucky so far). You can do that with NVEnabler or DSDT edit. Read more in the NVEnabler release thread on the ProjectOSX forums.
  6. That will not work. Please read the first post for information on how to load a video bios dump. Loading a modded BIOS will probably not change which resolutions are available during boot though.
  7. Only if your video card reports this mode as available during boot.
  8. My router is set to use OpenDNS (it's faster than my ISP's DNS servers) and catrinet works fine for me.
  9. It's basically a repackaged Chameleon on a USB stick, and it's not worth it. If you'd taken the time to read a little before posting, you'd have learned that nobody around here uses the EFI-X. This is actually the ex-EFI-x users forum.
  10. Somehow that's a very fitting question for this thread. No, that's not possible.
  11. Wait.. It's not necessarily the stick of RAM that's bad, it could be that there's something wrong with that particular slot on the motherboard. Try running memtest from a cold boot without any sticks in that slot, or try running memtest with only one (known working) module inserted in the slot where the "defective" stick of RAM was.
  12. rofle accurate on all counts. I'll be submitting myself to the closest mental institution first thing tomorrow morning.
  13. If you read the first post a little more closely (a recurring problem, as I've seen from your posts at InsanelyMac :-) you'll find that the Restart Fix is enabled by default - you can delete that line from your Boot.plist. About the theme issue - no idea, I can use other themes just fine. Maybe there's something wrong with the theme's configuration file, everything else seems fine. Make sure the folder is actually named BootCamp (with capital B and C) since that's what you're using in com.apple.Boot.plist. Or try with no capital letters in both places, maybe it makes a difference. Anyway, for theme issues I think your best bet would be asking BlackOSX over here: http://forum.voodooprojects.org/index.php/board,7.0.html You could also try re-downloading the theme you're using, it's available over there as well.
  14. Memory continues to run at whatever speed it is set to run at in the BIOS. The memory info in System Profiler doesn't mean anything, OS X cannot change the clock frequency of your RAM.
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