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  1. Hi jabralburai, Did you ever get your video working? I have the exact same laptop and have been unsuccessful. Thanks, J
  2. I think I am going to this thread solved because the original problem was indeed solved. To anyone else who is having troubles with a mouse not responding properly, try cpus=1 USBBusFix=Yes. I will start a new thread for my video problem. I did figure out that the only way I was getting video (VESA) is to check the "Remove all graphics kexts" in the N{censored} install. I will never get the HD graphics working that way. Fpacheco1960, thanks for taking the time to help me out. Thanks, J
  3. Same thing with GraphicsEnabler=Yes.... FYI: When I installed N{censored}, I did not select any graphic kexts because,when I select the kexts, it doesn't start the display. I just wanted to add that in case I am not relaying all my steps. Thanks, J
  4. At this point, I can install without problems using N{censored} 12495. When booting from DVD, I have to use cpus=1 USBBusFix=Yes. After the install, I no longer need the cpus=1. Everything seems to work just fine except graphics. I need a driver for the built in Intel HD. I'm stuck at 1024x768. Thanks, J
  5. I was able to get rid of the problem by using cpus=1. Not a fix, but at least a start. Thanks J
  6. Hello, everyone....well I gave up on Lion for the moment and would be quite happy with Snow Leopard on my Toshiba A665-S6050. This laptop has Core I3 350M processor, 4 GB ram, 750 GB Seagate Momentum HD. I have installed Snow Leopard using Nawcom's boot CD. Install went fine, except I had to dd boot1h to the HD. When I try to boot from the hard drive with the legacy kernel, it locks up at, "warning: kernel was not built with custom dyld blob". When I try to boot with the vanilla kernel, it reboots. I can boot with the boot CD into Snow Leopard partition without a problem. Do I need a different kernel or am I missing something else? Thanks in advance for the help, J
  7. Thanks, Seemed to make a bit of a difference but problem still exists. Especially when something else is going on like disk access. Could be my imagination though.... Thanks, J
  8. Hi everyone, I have a Toshiba A665-s6050 laptop with 4gb ram, core i3 m350 processor and seagate hybrid hard drive. I am having a strange mouse/USB problem. When I boot the installer DVD, the mouse will work for half a second and then lockup for a couple of seconds, then work again. It will complete the install if you have enough patience to put up with the mouse pausing. The installed is does the same thing. Any ideas? It does this with the trackpad and a USB mouse. Thanks, J
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