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  1. I have put together a way to buy one for disassembly. This information in the download can be gotten freely on the web the download is on;y to raise money for one for disassembly purposes. Please Download this file Download EFIX-Autopsy.exe. you don't have to keep it and can delete after it is completed downloading. You Have to complete a survey to help me earn the money for it so please help.
  2. I have never gotten one nor been sent one so as of yet there is still no news and to all that have posed the question my plan was to make a usb flash drive with boot code that emulated their device so that every time they update people can just get a dump from someone and add the updated files as i believe that it is just a persistent emulated bios device that uses its cpu to hide how it does its acts. Furthermore i belive a simple usb device even a usb teensy will be able to do the same thing as this.
  3. it is just a emulated bios on a usbkey with a encryped bootloader using a clpd i need 1 to decrypt all the contents then i can make a exact clone that runs on flash drives
  4. I have gotton permission to use our equipment at datel design to reverse engineer this for personal reason so like the magigate clpd i wild get the code from this also but we will have to write the code as a bootsector and i will suppy it when i get done. I tried to order one and orders are down but a few have offered to donate so when done they will get a 32gb microsd presetup with the boot sector and theirs will have a few cosmetic details that allow them to use it internally or externally from one end or the other .
  5. I wish i had the money for one as i could easily reverse engeneer it like i did the usbjtag from usbjtag.com. You will need to poke for the watchdog timer them initialize it then read the flash. as for the clpd code it can be accessed via jtag a taken. You all would just have to make a device that is a clone both pcb and chips with their code. I can xray one when i get the money to buy one so we have the pcb , and then i will bacup the code contained and release them as a package on a forien server for legal purposes
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