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  1. I found and installed the 10.6.8 bundle with no success. I'm just too busy this week to spend any time on this 10.6.8 project. I'll give it another clean install next week. I wish you would make a guide for this even though it appears to be fairly straightforward. perhaps the order in which steps should be taken could be explaind in more detail and wherther Extras/general Extensions or S/L/E should be the destination for the aforementioned AppleIntelGMA950 10.6.8 bundle. ? Anyway, all things will pass . .
  2. ? Lacedaemon, on clicking the link you supplied there are D/L links for file for all Snow Leopard variatons except10.6.8. ? Are you saying that I should download the lot .. .or . . a particular set ? ? In answer to your latest question; Yes. . AppleIntelGMA950 from a 10.6.7 working installation. . . no good. ===================================================== ? Both Leopard and Snow Leopard are listed in the link in your above post.. ? I have super-dupered the last 10.6.8 attempt so I can handle many different installation variations and as I stated in my previous post .. everytning " seems " to be working in my 10.6.8 upgrade except for the graphics montage. ? I'm curious as to whether I? . .(1) need to install the two " Evil " kexts and . . (2) . . exactly where should theyr be installed? S/L/E?? or? Extras/ Gen Ext's? ? ? ?. . .or not at all? ? Thank you for taking the time to reply. Much appreciated. ? Does "safe boot " work the same in Hackintosh? Shift Key + boot ? ? M. ? Kyoto, Japan. ? ? ? ? ? ? Any chance of you; now or in the future making the "definitive" guise to upgrading a 1000HE from 10.6.7 ~ 10.6.8 ?
  3. Lacedaemon, I followed the upgrade to 10.6.8 guide in your previous post. The 1000HE boots up into 10.6.8 but the desktop is a patchwork of light blue, dark bluse and black squares, rectangles which I preseume represent previously opened folders on the desktop. Menus drop down as white squares, mouse is working. ? Any ideas on this graphics corruption? I reinstaleld AppleIntelGMA950.kext but no luck. ? Thanks in advance. ? PS : Extra unrelated info; I installed the two " evil" kexts first in SLE? - no change. Then moved them to Extras/general extensions -no change. Are they neccessary on the 1000HE? ? PPS : I initally installed SleepEnabler but then removed it.
  4. Actually Lacedaemon . . after installing your DSDT in my black 1000HE . .? alsolutely everything is working 100% . . including the CARD READER ! ? I SuperDupered the drive and not both are humming along nicely. ? I'm stunned ! I've Hackintoshed a couple of machines but never to this level. These 1000HE's feel 100% Mac. ? Working : USB - WiFi - Ethernet - keyboard - trackpad ( not jerky ) -? Webcam - battery level - shut down . .everything ! ? Your DSDT is a lifesaver. You have my eternal gratitude ? Are you aware of this DSDT editor ?? Worth downloading. ? http://www.mlosx86.com/viewdownload/5-post-install-tools/9-dsdt-se ? My Japanesewife ( who is in Australia at the moment ) has a sick MacBook which my daughter will be bringing with her to Japan this month. One of my recently bought ( last week for ¥10,000 each ! ) EEe PC's will be going back with her as a better replacement, ? I'm flat out busy until Monday and then I'll post a list of my kexts ( nothing at all in Extra ) . ? Please upload your DSDT as Eee PC 1000HE specific. ? The combination of (1) 10.6.0 direct to 10.6.7? + (2) whatever kexts I have in S/L/E + your DSDT = instant success. ? Cheers ? Mike ? PS : In your " iHac" sig you neglected to include " seatbelt" Must be insanely fast.
  5. Hey Lacedaemon ! Your DSDT is fantastic ! ? I finally have (1) soft 100% shutdown (2) reliable Battery level showing ! ? Thank you so much for taking the time to sus thus out. ? Much appreciated. ? So I have two 1000HE's one of which (white one) has your DSDT but the other (black one ) has keyboard AND trackpad working . . but no battery. ? I have no idea how I got both keyboard and trackpad working in the black one but as soon as I have lime I'll list my Extra/GE? and SYS/Lib/E for you to look at. Oddly enough, the black one's Extra folder is empty so what does this suggest? ? The white one lacks only WiFi and sleep at the moment. I'll get round to working that out sooner or later. Any suggestions? ? Mind you, the wi-fi in the 1000HE is not up to scratch compared to Airport cards, very weak signal but OK for around the home. ? Regards,
  6. Hi, ? Thanks so much for replying, yes, the1000HE is a great little machine. ? I possibly spoke a little too soon . . ? I removed the hard drive to an external enclosure connected to my Mac Pro to merely copy over some non-system files .. photos etc. ? When I putt he drive back in the 1000HE I got KPs and afetr about three restarts . .it started up but entering anything in Firefox resulted in endless characters appearing in Firefox's address bar. ? I'm going to start over again from scratch. I did manage to get a 2 Gb DSDT but I will try your one this time. ? I don't recall how I got both thekeyboard and trackpad working but the trackpad was definitely jumpy . .unsusable. I prefer a mouse anyway. ? QUESTION : Is there any REAL advantage in going from 10.6.7? to 10.6.8 ? ? Cheers, ? Mike
  7. Hi, I'm a brand new member. ? I live in Japan and last week at a sale I managed to get two 1000HE's for around US$200. I installed 2 Gb RAM in both and installed (1) 10.6.0 and then (2) 10.6.7 ? I spent the last few days scouring the net for batterysolution and then it occurred to me that most of us remove batteries when removing hard drives etc. At least I do. Perhaps ONLY the battery needs to be present at installation time? ? Tried all the various battery kexts to no avail. ? So I wiped the drive and started again? . . this time with main power disconnected and the battery inserted. ? After the 10.6.7 update Voila !? The battery shows accurate coneection and charge level. ? WORKING ? USB : Out of the box apparently. Quartz Graphics : AppleIntelGMA950 ( gets installedwith NetBookInstaller. Sound : VooDooHDA + VooDooHDA.prefPane Keyboard : VoodooPS2Controller-0.98 Ethernet : AttansicL1eEthernet Webcam : Skype works Wireless : After Atheros is installed. Bluetooth Out of the box Battery : Don't use the power supply during 10.6.0 installation. ? Not WORKING ( yet . . .? ) ? Sleep : Help please. Has anyone at all had any success with getting sleep/wake from sleep to work on the 1000HE? ? Shutdown : Have to use the 1000HE power button to fully shut it down. Help please CARD READER : Anyone know what the maker is and wheter it is PCI or USB ? ? The 1000HE is a great little machine and uses about 10% of the power of my 8 Core Mac Pro. ? Cheers !
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