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  1. 10.6 no? copy text in snow leopard extras s/l/e/
  2. Chief9999

    Sparkle GTS450 2GB

    Still would love to know how this was done.... still have my 450
  3. Chief9999

    fermi 450 gt

    okay guys I can get this to work in lion but I'm mainly based in 10.6.8 snow. I know I have seen several people post they have gotten this to work and I really would like to know how.... help a hackintosh brother out? my setup z-68-xp-ud3 2600k, nvidea 9800gt, esata cards working in 64 bitsolid had a problem with my onboard ethernet they stop working so I bought a pci 1000 based card
  4. Chief9999

    Sparkle GTS450 2GB

    how did you do it?
  5. what version of snow leopard are you using? what install method did you use?
  6. has anyone tried this with a fermi 450?
  7. Chief9999

    Sparkle GTS450 2GB

    what machine or parts are you using? You mentioned the os and I'll tell you I don't think the fermi 450 series works under 10.6.8 it runs under lion 10.7.2 though if you want to try that... I have a evga 450 and mine is out of the machine and my 9800 is back in it my rig Gigabyte z68XP ud3 2600k, NV 9800gt 16 gigs of ram running under 10.6.8
  8. try second fix here How to Fix all issues after updating to OS X 10.6.8 | 3rr0rists.net
  9. Does that card work in snow leopard 10.6.8?
  10. just use the latest vlc to play those let me know if that works for you
  11. this should fix you up Broadcom 4315 Fixed - InsanelyMac Forum
  12. try snow it should work fine on that here watch this should give you a hand 1x1gb kingston ram and 1x1gb patriot, ddr2 ofc. if so, what version of the system would you suggest, lion or leopard?
  13. ATI Radeon 5400 or 5000 series on Lion Full QE CI - InsanelyMac Forum read this and follow the guide fro the kexts you need
  14. you know my first two hackys went like silk they were amd asus a8nsli and they ran tiger great.. Couldn't figure out what all the fuss everyone was crying about... second hackie Everyone told me could not be done and it took me 6 months nobody had done it but I finally got it running right with tiger then Leopard came in and I bought a ep35 ds3l and went intel had a lot of help especially weaksauce 12 and got that running very smooth except sound broke with every update jumped to a ep45 ds3l because everyone said it was better bought a used board and it blew up 6 months ago now I made the jump to a new board a ga xp68 ud 3 a I 7 chip and the card from hell a gts 450 fermi that works great in lion finally but not in snow leopard. this card was said to be the right card on several boards but it has issues... finally I'm sending it back to new egg and getting something else. I lost a weekend because of that card and a few days since... but the old 9800 works great. between all these builds I've helped 20 or so guys build machines and make them stable. point is this most of us log in once a week if lucky and we all have lifes.. myhaacky now GA 68xp ud 3 r, 2600K cpu, 9800 gt graphic card, cpu cooler H80 ( the H70 does not work on this board) 16 gigs of ram , yada , yada.... lots of stuff hooked up if your interested tell us what you have every peice of hardware what the os is and what methods you have tried but please read the wiki first a ton of questions have been answered there just follow the instructions.... don't be the first to update wait and let others leap first get your system running right and clone it most of all have fun.....life's too short
  15. see mine I have a simular board Z68XP ud 3 I7 2600K 450 gts
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