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  1. lazzy


    Hello, My laptop is G750JS. works mic, speakers, headphone ? it doesn't work spdif and subwoofer
  2. Version 10.9.2


    This kext works like a charme on my Asus G75vw Audio chipset VIA VT1802p layout 3 update base on https://github.com/maxfierke/Lemu4-Hackintosh-Config/blob/master/README.md#patching-applehda Credit by MIRONE
  3. I have combo AR5B195 but it doesn't work on ?Mavericks 10.9.2
  4. hello can you update this kext for 10.9.2? i test on my Asus G75vw (replace origin by AR5B195) it doesn't work
  5. Works on 10.9.2 with asus g75vw VT1802 head phone doesn't works automatic, i have to choose manually? the quality of sound is terrible?
  6. Hi i have asus g75vw

    I can install ml on it

  7. Hey there,

    I have the same laptop as you but i can't install lion on it.

    This ones works. hazard 1.6.6i - ipc 10.5.7 and iatkos s3 v2

    It won't come to the installer :( ends with dsmos has arrived

    I have used many boot flags, like -v -f cpus=1 fn=3

    fixed pci_configuration_end with 2 kexts.

    Can you please tell me how you did it...

  8. please how can i active spdif. do i need modify appleHDA.kext
  9. how can active spdif please. its work with internal speaker and headphone but i can't choose spdif like in Voodoo HDA
  10. is it support for lion 10.7 yet?
  11. lazzy


    it works on my Acer 7720G Lion 10.7 but i can't active spdif. how can i active spdif 5.1 please thanks
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