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  1. I got kernel panic too in an ASUS N71JQ
  2. Man, do a "carbon copy cloner" security partition first If your system crash, you can boot from your "carbon copy cloner" partition and restore the crash one
  3. Hicks

    ASUS N71JQ DSDT.aml

    Hi all. I have now full working ASUS N71JQ. Forget the DSDT archive. Use this guide: http://www.taringa.net/posts/ebooks-tutoriales/16689415/Tutorial-Instalacion-de-Mountain-Lion-10-8-3-en-ASUS-N71JQ.html Regards
  4. Jehu, send me please your EDID file. My wifi is working using a new dsdt, and need the EDID folder to proble the graphics card. I wait...
  5. booting with PCIRootUID=0 will give full QE/CI but only externally where as booting with PCIRootUID=1 gives the internal monitor but without proper resolution or QE/CI.
  6. Ml2 installed with -x -v Graphic card still do the same.
  7. Hi, I'm trying to install Mountain Lion on my laptop without success. I created a bootable USB with the utility myHack. At system startup, we have the problem of "PCI configuration begin". After patching the USB, the error disappears, but it appears another "Still waiting for root device". No interest if, but before the error, resulting in a failure of USB. Someone with a laptop can provide more details? Later I'll upload the kexts needed to patch the PCI configuration begin Upps, wrong section. Moderators, can you move it to the correct section? Sorry
  8. Mountain Lion using myhack tool, runs perfect in my another Pc... fast, stable, clean myHack | Taking the iFail out of iHack In the notebook y have this problems: Normal boot with USB myhack: pci configuration begin. Patching the USB with your kexts solves the problem, but appears: waiting for root device. This same issue i will have in my another Pc, and solved making a 8 GB partition in my HDD, and using again myhack tool to create there another boot installation like the USB. When MyHack finish, rename this partition adding HDD to the finish, for not confusing with USB partition who have the same name. Now boot Pc with USB stick, and select the HDD partition to start installation. All by defect (MyHack ask you a few times during installation) and reboot. You must boot from USB, until you update your chameleon versión in your normal boot partition with MyHack tool too. In the notebook with Lion, i was not able to create this partition with MyHack, due the program does not recognize root partition ¿?, and the option to create 10.8 installation does not appear. In my Pc, i create a image of this partition with partition tool, save it in another USB and restore it to the notebook. Booting notebook with the USB, i have again waiting for root device. Updating chameleon with MyHack in the notebook for not need to use USB for booting, i have the same issue. (waiting for root device) Can you probe it?
  9. I´m now probing with mountain lion. I have the cpu caller kernel panic always.
  10. Did you manage to make the dsdt? Did you used the guide? I'm looking forward to testing version of mountain lion
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