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  1. How did I almost miss this?! Would be great to upgrade my old 120GB 10 year old Corsair SSD!
  2. Recently a bunch of files vanished from this website for reasons not given (at least I didn't see anything). I am not too sure what is missing in total, but I do know that several builds of Chameleon dating back to last year are gone; Literally overnight. ? So what gives? What are they gone? ? ?
  3. WARNING!!! This installer contains a critical flaw; If the target drive IS NOT the System drive you booted with, this installer will DELETE FakeSMC from the active partition. I wasted 4 hours getting my system back up and running. This FakeSMC does not play nice with i7 3770K Z77X-UD5H on 10.8.2, as in not working. Confirmed on a fresh 10.8.2 install, my active install, and B/U install.
  4. @Rasteek Try removing the GPU sensors from the plugins.
  5. @noyfo, paulfortuna, and any others who may have issues. First off, if you don't know what something is, you don't need it; The average users simply has to run the installer. Ask yourselves this question, " Why do you need to update? ". Just because someone posts it, doesn't mean you have to run it. If a previous version is working good, LEAVE IT BE! A Google search would have found the Official Chameleon PKG page over at Insanelymac. I don't know what your problem was (is). Go here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=231075 and read all 69 pages. I assure you, all the answers are there. Want quick answers in regards to the boot options, download Chameleon Wizard, found on this site. The ? in the corner of each field will tell you what the boot options does. You do not need to worry about the modules. As for being " cosmetic " it is true, some updates do include " cosmetic " fixes, however having something identified (labelled) correctly helps OS X do what it does; Chameleon does a lot of injecting. Not to mention, wouldn't it be nice if System Info displayed the vendor of your (ie) RAM vs Unknown? Would you consider this " cosmetic " on a real Mac? What would happen if you have all banks full but SysInfo showed it empty? The answer is one big potential headache. All in all, before you rant and insult the Community, I suggest you change your perspective as to what Chameleon is really doing and be happy it is doing so. The community puts in a lot of effort, all for one reason; you and I. Nobody is paying them to do anything.
  6. Bansaku


    @Cchoosen Nothing! Dope! was lazy and should have used Chameleon 2.1-r2044 Enoch as the title. Enoch is a (badass) member of the Chameleon team/Hackintosh community. If you see his name, it means it's his revision, as opposed to anyone compiling the latest builds from SourceForge themselves and posting.
  7. Bansaku

    DP3 USB Files

    Thanks, works great GA-P67A-UD4-B3!
  8. What about Digital out (spdif/TosLink)? As well, V3 is very non-despript; I am assuming no auto-detect means the front panel, but what I/O are supported.
  9. Why does one need a patched Kernel for i3,i5,i7 in Lion? The CPUs should run native.
  10. Cool idea, but is it necessary? Is the pop really that annoying to some? And could it be detrimental to native power management? BTW, the 'pops'?only occur when audio out is through an analogue output, not digital or internal speakers. What about Hackintoshes?
  11. What this Kext is for is no more CMOS reset upon wake/restart. It "MAY" do what ElliottForceLegacyRTC does, but that is not the intent. For more information read up here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=253992&st=400
  12. Bansaku


    ?????? Really???? Come on now, if you aren't posting in English, it means you are using this site as your own personal file depository.
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