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  1. With ml you have the same problem as me, i think your graphic card is the gt540m 2gb and your wifi is the intel wireless-N 100 card, so without the extra folder from here i can't boot: ASUS K53SV (MOUNTAIN LION) DSDT ~ 0 Errors - Downloads - OSx86.net I hope it will help you! :3 But i can't boot ML when installed without -x at the beginning, don't know why... ToT

  2. This dsdt works for me too, thx to jizzy too! I have the gt540m and the intel hd 3000 works together! *o* beautiful! :3 (I have played Diablo III for test if my GT540M works, and it works! But it's 1gb instead of 2gb in the hardware information... :s But it's good!
  3. Hi there, can i ask you something AdamiPL? I have ever seen your videos on youtube before i found you here! xD So, my question is: "Have you enable the wireless connexion? If Yes, how?" I have put the atheros kexts in it, but no way... My ethernet, sound, my gt540m works with 2gb (you have to deactivate the intel hd 3000, that's all, when you install mac osx, just pick natit drivers, and unpick the intel drivers, and pick remove graphic kexts (I think it's that if i remember) and put this kext in post installation: GT 540M kext - Downloads - OSx86.net ) So, the only thing i don't have is the wifi... :s (For my graphic card, i can play diablo III without any problem at full settings, so it works i think! :3 )
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