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  1. ?hi? ? i have problem with appstore ?"?Your device or computer could not be verified. Contact support for assistance." ? ihave ? N{censored} mavericks 10.9 ?every think is work but?Ethernen and wifi?Unsupported ? i have?usb ?wifi adapter ( tp-link ) . internet good work but appstore not work? ? help me please
  2. hi ? after install ethernet card my computer restart .Used more than one definitionkext but when you connect the cable system works Restart Picture shows what is happening ?image in attach files?system : mountion lion 10.8.0?ethernet card : ?rtl8101e/rtl8102esystem by my hack 3.2?any one help me please?and thank you for all
  3. thank you it is work but When you enter your cable system works Restart . help me please i have Mountain Lion 10.8.0 for my hack 3.2beta 8
  4. falaah

    RTL 8169

    thank you it is work but my computer restart help me please h have Mountain Lion 10.8.0 for my hack any boot i use
  5. think you but not work ineed ethernet becouse internet from cable
  6. Hello everyone, Could anyone share a working Realtek rtl 8139 network card kext for Mountain Lion? I can't make it work, though it worked well in Lion. Etrhernet card appears in system report but it doesn't appear among network interfaces. Thanks in advance! i install more kext but not work ihave mountion lion 10.8.0 32bit help me plase
  7. hi guys ineed dsdt.aml i have laptop hp g62 b31ee cpu : corei3 ram : 2 giga vga please help me
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