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  1. An Angelbird 1 TB SSD WRK would make my Mac feel like heaven. YES, I'm winning :)
  2. guys (and gilrls), look here - maybe no need for any old kexts in ML ...
  3. BugsB

    IOATAFamily for Lion

    @ jonkopinx: apply IOSCSIArchitectureModelFamily.kext from Snow Leo
  4. Kexts from this pkg to install to S/L/E:ATI5000injector.kextATI5000controller.kextATIFramebuffer.kextATISupport.kext might NOT be necessary to install - try w/o first(ATIRadeionX3000.kext is NOT present in this pkg...)
  5. The trick (thanks to machinist) might be to find the correct PCIRootUID value, in Terminal viaioreg -l | grep -15 "AppleACPIPCI" | grep "_UID"which will output a # (known values betw. 0 and 4, but higher values might appear)then enter that value into the org.chameleon plist as follows: PCIRootUIDur# have your injector kext installed best to S/L/E, reboot.If that didn't work:delete *any* grfx enablers from E/E and S/L/Eadd the following entries into your boot plist GraphicsEnablerYesAtiConfigEulemurremove *ANY* EFI strings from device properties (best delete kex/string)savedelete extension (if present) AND (mandatory step here!) kernel caches, in Lion: /System/Library/Caches/Startupmake sure you have a current Chameleon bootloader installed (e.g. via Chameleon Wizard, or Chimera)rebootsee if EVERYTHING works (res. changes/ QE-CI e.g. by launching Chess/ multi-monitors/ DVD Player)
  6. evanage , which revision of the G41M-ES2L do you have (there are four revs).

    Thanks, Bugs

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