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  1. 1,348 downloads

    Features using UEFI BIOS or own CloverEFI default boot after timeout into previous chosen OS customizable GUI: themes support, own icons, fonts, background image, animated pictures, mouse pointers. F1 - multilingual help, depending on language in config saving preboot.log from GUI by typing F2 and system.log for debug save original (OEM) ACPI tables by pressing F4 test DSDT patching with F5 save videoBIOS into EFI/misc by pressing F6 saving screenshots from GUI typing F10 CD/DVD eject by F12 and refresh menu after CD insertion change GUI resolution by PgUp/PgDown save BOOT0000 option to NVRAM (like bcfg in Shell) call to Shell.efi native screen resolution in GUI scroll bar if screen resolution is too low for menu theme database http://clover-wiki.zetam.org/Theme-database
  2. Version 01


    kext from DP1 moded for AR9287 AR9271 AR9285
  3. freezeing because you have 4 core CPU
  4. Version V2


    install kext and add this code to your DSDT and get fully-working Tp-link 751ND AR9287 ar9227 tested and works on Mavericks Enjoy
  5. Version V2


    Best kext for VIA VT1705 and works perfect with mavericks 10.9.1 now everything works moded voodooHDA 2.8.2 Enjoy
  6. mickey serbia

    VIA VT1705

    Version 2.8.4


    fixed sound (pure audio) fixed HalfVolumeFix and volume change fix know issuse : mic not work ( recognized as Front) moded VoodooHDA 2.8.4 and tested on mavericks
  7. mickey serbia

    Asus P5KC

    Version 1


    Clean DSDT for Asus P5KC added DTGP added Shutdown fix
  8. Version V3 Final


    Renamed All Devices UHCI,EHCI,SATA,DMAC,MATH, etc....) Patches: DTGP, SBUS, RTC, WAK, HPET, UHCI, EHCI, MCHC, IPIC, TIMR, Power Button fix added patch for AR9287 WIFI added patch :GPU Inject GT430 added patch :USB for proprely sleep DSDT extracted form Linux.. This is Final Relase and everything is patched!!!
  9. Version v1


    tested by me Audio Kext VooDooHDA 2.8.4 Ethernet Kexts - must install together ! chameleon Wizard & latest Bootloader Clean DSDT with some patches Extra folder (configured for my machine) !!! everything works and tested on Mavericks
  10. Version v1


    works for me on mavericks TP-LINK WN751ND 168c,2d
  11. Version V2


    clean DSDT for ASUS p5kpl-am in reom si mobo with some patches RTC WIFI & power button
  12. is not problem router.simple card? cant start.
  13. worked few times and now not working used with native kext
  14. download my dsdt ? http://www12.zippyshare.com/v/26285945/file.html
  15. i am on mavericks and used your code (changed this 168c,2d in dsdt)
  16. this is my card : http://wikidevi.com/wiki/TP-LINK_TL-WN751ND_v1
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