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  1. Can't help with that since i don't have an external display to test this. The only thing i can think of, is to install display kexts for the radeon hd5470. If the external works after that, extract the dsdt again and overwrite your current dsdt.
  2. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=75403&view=findpost&p=1773809If you follow these instructions, you can boot, log in as root, and create a new user account.
  3. I have updated the post on k52je, sorry for the late response.

  4. Touche, thanks for stating the obvious i did not mention before. There is no password on any of the files. Sleep does work, the screen just failed to initialize when waking up, perhaps dark wake will fix it, no idea. Sorry for the late response, don't check here very often.
  5. Hi,

    I'm trying to install lion 10.7.2 apple retail version on ASUS K52JE. I used U{censored} to create bootble USB key.

    The install always hang with "PCI configuration begin". I'm trying with many options -x -v graphicsenabler=no .....

    can U help me ?


  6. I used U{censored} to create a bootable retail USB installer, sorry for the late response.
  7. I used U{censored} to create a bootable retail USB installer, sorry for the late response.
  8. Version 1.0


    The folder structure speaks for itself. - Place the contents of Applications into the applications folder. - After installing Chameleon or Chimaira boot loader (I recommend you do this manually), copy the contents of the Chameleon/Chimaira folder to your EFI or OSX partition (Depends on how where you install the boot loader) - Copy the contents of S/L/D/O to /System/Library/Display/Overides (Delete the folder already present first, because it contains hidden files that will not be replaced.) - Install the kexts in S/L/E with Kext Wizard (Included in the Applications folder). After the above steps, you will have the following working: - Wifi - Audio Conexant Cx20671 (Does not show up under System Profiler, but it works, mic and speakers, also with headset. Controlable through System Preferences) - Graphics Radeon Mobility HD5470 (The display overide and the boot flag AtiConfig=Hoolock give full compatibility) - Touchpad (2 finger scrolling, settings can only be controlled by the mouse settings in the System Preferences.) - Webcam (Utility to flip the screen is called iGlasses, not included since it is shareware.) - Battery management (VoodoBattery) The FN keys are not working, would be nice if someone can add this to the dsdt. Ethernet is not working, well, not recognized, i don't use it, but it should be easy to fix this. Still working on the card reader, if i get to it, i will add it to the package. Enjoy. I'm running this package with Lion 10.7.2, i don't know if it works with previous versions. Edit: Added a failsafe package. This package can be used for the bootable USB installer. It will boot lion up to 10.7.4 tested. Graphics are not fully recognized in this one, use the other package for that. To create the installer, mount "Install Mac OS X ESD" and start xMove. It's ok if it gives an error, just check if the files have been copied to your USB device. Make sure the USB device has been formatted in MBR before you start the process. After xMove completes, use the following guide to install Chameleon boot loader: http://{censored}.blogspot.com/2009/11/how-to-install-chameleon-manually-from.html Then copy the files from the Failsafe archive to the usb root. You can set hidden files to be visible by using the following command in terminal: defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE CBA to fix the attributes. Also i have included a new DSDT.aml, this one will prevent the HDD from freezing from time to time. Do not use it on your USB, since it contains Graphic strings, with need the display override!
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