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  1. thx for yr shar Atheros 8151 LAN kext work great on iATKOS L1 L2 update to 10..3 N{censored}12495-Lion-10.7 10.7.1 10.7.2 update to 10.7.3
  2. easy easy easy install Kext file by KextDrop
  3. go this link http://www.groths.org/?p=571 u can get it KextDrop File Drop kext file in it than install
  4. how we run this file ple... ned help thx
  5. who no how AMD crosshair IV Formula work with leopard 10.6 of lion 10.7
  6. chieng


    now i using Leopard 10.6.3 original DVD with iB{censored} 3.1.1
  7. chieng


    Hi now i 1 run lion on My PC board P5Q DELUXE CPU C2Q 2.4Q6600 RAM 4GB XFX 9600GT ple help me n show me thx
  8. chieng


    how u run it ple ned help
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