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  1. LION USB3 HP 8540w kext

    USB3 HP 8540w kext
    Description: Working USB 3 driver for HP Elitebook 8540w ( NEC/Renesas Electronics uPD720200 USB 3.0 Host Controller )

    Install: Install PXHCD.kext in S\L\E using "Kext wizard" or similar kext tool. Repair permissions and update kext cache.

    BigMacPlz - 2012 :cool:




  2. LION AppleACPIBatteryManager HP 8540w Kext

    Working Battery manager under LION (tested under 10.7.2). Works on Elitebook 8540w.

    Description: Install AppleACPIBatteryManager.kext using kextwizard or similar too into S\L\E and repair kext cache.

    Note: goto System Preferences->Energy Saver-> select "show battery status in menu bar" . You will see the battery icon show up next to the clock.
    P.S - All other Battery managers like Voodoo KP randomly on boot on my 8540w, this one won't! Its very stable.

    BigMacPlz - 2012 :cool:




  3. LION IDT92HD75B3 HP 8540w Audio kext

    Working Audio Voodoo kext for IDT 92HD75B3 under LION (tested under 10.7.2). Works on Elitebook 8540w.

    Description: backup then trash AppleHDA.kext / OSvKernDSPLib.kext / IOAudioFamily.kext from S\L\E. Install attached VoodooHDA.kext, OSvKernDSPLib.kext, IOAudioFamily.kext using kextwizard or similar too into S\L\E and repair next cache. If KP on boot try -f on boot using bootloader.

    Note: To get headphones working use System Preference "Sound" pref pane goto output and select headphones & vice versa to switch back to speakers. Mute and internal laptop LCD Mic works but external mic input jack doesn't.

    Post any other Audio solutions you have for lion for Elitebook 8540w if you got a better way!

    Edit - having a few issues with flash video sites like youtube (youtube muting during playback), iTunes seems fine and other audio apps.. Strange!?

    BigMacPlz - 2012 :cool:




  4. LION Generic Trackpad(as Mouse) kext - HP 8540w

    For LION only (Test only on 10.7.2) - Trackpad detects as Mouse with sidebar scroll for HP Elitebook 8540w (problematic Synaptics trackpad) or any other laptop that voodoo or other trackpad kext doesn't work on.

    Description: Trackpad kext removed from stock standard lion plugins folder in ApplePs2Controller.kext, forces Mouse to be used for trackpad . Also edited ApplePS2Mouse.kext info.plist for higher resolution for finer trackpad movement to match Display resolution is set for 1920x1080.

    Install: Backup existing mouse kext's in S\L\E , then move to trash and install attached ApplePs2Controller.kext & AppleACPIPS2.kext in S\L\E using "Kext wizard" or similar kext tool. Repair permissions and update kext cache. (Note: AppleACPIPS2.kext is vanilla 10.7.2 kext, included incase you tried another mouse next as you will need it)

    Tip: If you don't like the external trackpad vs external mouse speed balance use the mac system preferences "Mouse" pref pane + "mouse Acceleration" Pref pane or "USB Overdrive" to get the track speed under control. See attached sceenshot of mouse pref pane setting I used as generic without using any other mouse utilities (best for me)..
    Also untick "Move mouse content in the direction of finger movement when scrolling or navigating" under System Preferences -> Mouse. This will get sidebar scroll on trackpad to move in the correct direction.
    http://triq.net/articles/mouse-acceleration-preference-pane-mac-os-x (use leopard one listed as lion version seems to crash!)
    http://www.usboverdrive.com/USBOverdrive/News.html (Great for customizing mouse buttons too, play with acceleration/speed)

    Note: If anyone has a better trackpad fix for the Elitebook 8540w feel free to leave a comment with working trackpad kexts (I've tried voodoo + other home made kexts and none work for this model)

    BigMacPlz - 2012 :cool:




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