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  1. Unfortunately, I am also experiencing this problem. Haven't found a solution as yet.
  2. Well, it was worth a shot. not working on realtek 0x0139 internal card reader.
  3. Well, it was worth a shot. not working on realtek 0x0139 internal card reader.
  4. Thank you very much! Lenovo G570-4334 ML 10.8.2 Internal Speaker (auto switch to headphone) Internal Mic (auto switch to external) Conexant CX20671
  5. I tried the applehda (removed voodoohda). Internal speaker works with auto headphone detect. But unfortunately mic is not working. It says an internal mic is present, but it doesn't capture anything.
  6. I have mountain lion loaded on my laptop. And if for any reason at all, it loses power while the OS is loaded, it will not boot afterwards. Either the partition gets corrupted, or it freezes after the bootloader. I have reinstalled it 5 times already, and the same problem repeats. I never had this problem with leopard & snow leopard. Disk repair never works. I don't know what to do and this is my only problem with it. Everything else is very stable.
  7. Lenovo G570-4334 VGA (full res), HDMI works on ML 10.8.1 Mirror does not, Blue screen Rotation OK Resolution change, has problems. External display goes blank.
  8. If possible, could someone please comment on the status of Hibernation in Mountain Lion. thanks.
  9. It works with ML. Just waiting for Hibernation support.
  10. I'm not sure, I've never experienced that. Once when I wanted to install Lion, the cursor would move but no clicks nor key press were been registered. I just added the voodoops2 kext to the installer S/L/E folder and that seemed to had fixed it.
  11. So I previously installed Lion on my laptop and it booted within 30 to 37 seconds. Installing Mountain Lion, Boot time is now between 50 and 60 seconds. Whenever I boot in Verbose mode, I can see that it is reading all of the kext in the System/Library/Extension folder, three times. Why? I have never seen this happened before with Lion all the way back to Tiger. So I'm not sure if anyone could explain this has this is significantly slowing the boot time.
  12. Well I'm not sure if that kext would work with Lion. When I had installed Lion, i had used iAtkos L2 and it already had the option to install that kext. However, based on the person that uploaded it Dell N4050 Mountain Lion App Store - Downloads - OSx86.net , it should be compatible.
  13. Thanks. It works on my ML installation.
  14. http://www.osx86.net/10-8-mountain-lion/17594-synopsis-how-i-installed-mountain-lion-my-lenovo-g570-4334-laptop.html No Guarantee though.
  15. This is the kext I used for mountain lion. NB. Backup the existing one before installing. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/20516131/IO80211Family.kext.zip
  16. Didn't work. It started out as if it was going to sleep. but as soon as the harddrive turned off. the computer just restarted. Lenovo g570-4334
  17. Specifications Intel Core i3 2350m HD 3000 500gb Hard drive Atheros AR9285 Atheros ethernet AR8152/8158 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller Conexant SmartAudio Synaptics Trackpad ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Resources I used olarila.com ? View topic - OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion bootable USB olarila.com ? View topic - Installation Guide: ML 10.8 on ASUS P8P67 LE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Downloads Chameleon Bootloader http://www.osx86.net/view/2981-chameleon-2.1svn-r2035.html Chameleon Wizard Chameleon Wizard.zip MB{censored} 4.6.1 (lion edition) {censored} (need account to download) ShowHide {censored} (needs account to download) KB{censored} {censored} (needs account to download) BatteryKext voodoobattery lion - Downloads - OSx86.net Wireless Kext from this pack Dell N4050 Mountain Lion App Store - Downloads - OSx86.net ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Downloaded 'OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion bootable USB for Intel PCs' (hint, search on BT site) 2. Use OpenSUSE USB writer to write the .raw image to your 8GB or larger flash drive 3. Created a NTFS partition, about 120GB for the installation. 4. Install MacDrive trial or in my case Paragon HFS+ for windows. 5. Booted from flash drive and installed Mountain Lion. 6. Booted into windows using flash drive. 7. Removed HD 3000 drivers and backed them up to a folder on my windows partition. (refer to resource for info) 8. Booted into ML using usb and setup account. The following steps are in both resource links above. 9. Installed Chameleon Bootloader 10. Used MB{censored} 4.6.1 for lion to install evoreboot fix , Voodoohda 2.7.3, maolj's AtherosL1cEthernet, '8,1 smbios.plist System definition' (after install by multi beast, i experienced kernel panic. but i just rebooted using the usb drive, not he hard drive.) 11. Use the ShowHide application to show hidden files. 12. Backed up the mach_kernel file in the root of the hard drive where i installed ML. 13. Copied the mach_kernel from the flash drive root to the root of the ML hard drive and also the extra folder. 14. Mount the pre boot.dmg in the extra folder of the thumb drive. 15. Copy the contents of the folder and paste in the extra folder of the ML hard drive. 16. Use Chameleon Wizard to edit the boot plist. For mine GUI:Checked, TimeOut: Checked and equals to 1, Kernel checked and the path specified ('Extra/mach_kernel'), System Type Checked and Laptop selected from drop down, SMBios.plist checked and the path specified ('Extra/smbios.plist'), Restart Fix Checked, and graphics enabler not check- this caused kernel panic for me. Save the the file (ensure it is been saved to /Extra/org.chameleon.Boot.plist) 17. Now, I copied all the graphics kexts from the backup to the desktop and used KB{censored} to install them. 18. I used MB{censored} again and selected Repair permission and let it run once more. 19. Then I rebooted. Hopefully You should be booted with full resolution and Graphics Acceleration enabled. Audio and trackpad should be working. 20. Now to get wireless up. I backed up my 'IO80211Family.kext' found in System/Library/Extensions . Then i used kext best to install the new kext by placing it on the desktop. ( ensure it is the only kext on the desktop). 21. Reboot and wireless should now be working. 22. Backup the 'AppleACPIPlatform.kext' and 'VoodooBattery.kext' found in System/Library/Extensions. Then Place the Kexts from the Battery Lion folder on the desktop. Run KB{censored} and then reboot. 23.You should now have battery indicator working. Tip: if it sounds as if your speaker is about to burst when the volume is high, go in to MIDI setup and change the speaker from 24bit to 16bit. That worked for me. also, the mic may be low. So go into the Voodoo preference pane and select microphone front the drop down menu and increase the recording level. Also go into the sound preference pane and increase the microphone volume. For brightness , I just installed Shades for mac. And assign keyboard shortcuts F8:Brightness Up, F7:Brightness Down. This program doesn't turn down the actual screen backlight. For that I'm sure DSDT could fix. But I'm not that adventurous as yet. Battery Life. Browsing using chrome fullscreen, shades set to 40%, transmission transferring at about 120kbps. I got about 2hr 15mins. I'm guessing speedstep isn't enabled (although the computer remains very cool and the fan at low speed). Also, if the backlight could be turned down, that could increase the battery time. But, I'll mostly be using it plugged in. Windows for when i'm out (5 to 6.5hrs). I was getting drive error when trying to use the DVD Player application. I followed this and it solved that problem. http://www.osx86.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=3002 iCloud wasn't accepting my apple id. Was saying something about reaching some limit. I used this to get it working. And that is how I go it up and running on my g570. I'm no expert. Just sharing what I did to get it running. Refer to the resource links at the beginning. Those are what I used. ----------------------------------------------------- Update 1 Occasionally, I have experienced system freeze where the mouse can still move , but clicks and key pressess on the keyboard are not registered. Also, if audio is playing, you will continue to hear it. Have't found any solutions. And based on my research other users of Mac computers have been experiencing similar problems. I just do a reboot and the system will work again. This happens very rarely though. Update 2 I've been noticing some problems with shutdown. Whenever I put the computer to shutdown, It will turn off, but when it is time to turn it back on, the power light will come on for about a second then goes back off. The only way to turn it on is to press the power button twice (0.5 sec interval). This doesn't happen when I turn off using windows, so I'm pretty sure ML is causing it. Looking for a fix. For now, I'll restart and boot into windows to shutdown.
  18. Thank you. Works so far with my Mountain Lion install. No seeing a difference in boot time though. Lenovo G570-4334 Core i3 2350m
  19. It didn't work very well. A lot of screen tearing. Core i3 2350m 0x0116
  20. Thank you very much. I got iAtkos L2 on my G570 4334 working. I am trying to get the internal keyboard and trackpad to work. Whenever I install the voodoops2, both works. But it cause the graphics to start tear. Without it. The graphics is flawless. thanks again. Update Installed these kexts. http://www.osx86.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=2290 Trackpad and keyboard now working. Haven't seen any graphics tear so far. Two finger and side scrolling are not working though (not a big deal breaker). Update 2 So i have been seeing some minor occasional tear. Hopefully I find a kext that will not cause any tear at all.
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