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  1. Works perfectly on Gigabyte EP35-DS3L.Thanks!
  2. Anyone? I just need that kext so i dont have to enable AHCI, i know in distro's its called NON Ahci Sata fix, so can anyone tell me atleast which one is it so i can extract it atleast?
  3. I don't want AHCI enabled at startup cause it takes up atleast 10 seconds more than usual bootup, so Im asking you which is the AHCI Fix kext(the one that doesnt require me to enable AHCI, cause i get a Still waiting for root device when I try to boot with AHCI)and can you link me to it/upload it/attach it?
  4. lekso

    8800 Ultra

    chameleon graphicsenabler worked.Thanks!
  5. lekso

    8800 Ultra

    Installed with leohazard 10.6.1/10.6.2 update, installed straight to 10.6.2 on the installation, then manually updated my way with each update to 6.8.
  6. lekso

    8800 Ultra

    Q8200 ep35-ds3l 6gb ram
  7. lekso

    8800 Ultra

    any drivers?I only tried graphicsenabler and it fails..
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